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3 Reasons To Have A Staycation


Going abroad for a holiday is a lovely idea, but it’s not always possible. Finances, time, or perhaps even a fear of flying can all put a stop to heading off somewhere else for a summer break. Yet that should stop you from enjoying a holiday, and now is the ideal time of year to start planning for yours. Rather than going to a different country, why not stay in this one and use your time away from work with the family to really get to know it, and the area in which you live? Why have a staycation? Here are some of the main reasons.


Travel In Comfort

Going abroad often means flying to get there, and that can be an uncomfortable experience. Plus ,then there is the taxior bus at the other end, complete with all your suitcases and you’ll be trying to keep your family together too.


It might be easier and a lot more comfortable to stay in the UK and travel at your own pace, in your own vehicle.You can take shorter trips by car, or perhaps even invest in a caravan if you really want to travel in style. There are options out there for whatever your financial situation, and you can easily sort caravan finance so your holiday budget won’t be blown straight away. Sorting a caravan, for example, also means saving money on hotels since you can simply visit campsites instead. You’ll have all your home comforts and still get a break away from work and home to explore.


The UK Is Beautiful

We’re so lucky in the UK – we’ve got everything that anyone could possibly want in terms of scenery, for example. We have our own mountains, plenty of open spaces, lots of woodland and forests, and of course an enviable coastline. As well as the scenery, we have thousands of years’ worth of history which can be seen in the architecture and learned about in museums and tours.


Another bonus is that the UK is relatively small, which means you can see a lot of it if you’re prepared to travel around, and it won’t take you more than a few hours to get anywhere you want to go. It’s an ideal way to spend a holiday, and you’ll be glad you did when you look back at the photos and realise what a special place we live in.


You Can Be Spontaneous

Staying in the UK for a holiday meansyou can be absolutely spontaneous. You might choose to travel around, or head to one particular destination. You might choose to stay at home and have lots of exciting days out. The choice is yours, and most of the time you won’t have to decide until the very morning that you want to do something. You can then factor in the weather, the distance, and the cost to ensure you have the best time possible.


Being spontaneous every now and then is good for you; it can relieve stress and make you appreciate the moment much more.

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