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3 Reasons To Use The Cloud In Business


You will almost certainly have heard the term ‘cloud computing’ or ‘the cloud,’and it might be that you are already utilising this technology in some way. If you run a business, it is definitely something you will need to start incorporating into your working life if you haven’t already, as there are very many benefits to using it. Here are just some of the reasons why cloud computing can benefit your business and why you need to get started with it.


Work Anywhere

If you use the cloud to store your data, you can work from anywhere at any time, on any device. All you need is your password and an internet connection, and you can continue exactly where you left off. In today’s busy world where everyone is rushing about and the idea of being in one place all day is becoming obsolete, this is ideal.


If you are in a meeting, for example, you can download all of the pertinent information to your tablet even if you are in a different office, town, or country. If you need to work from home so that you can attend a child’s school play or dance recital, you can still get work done before and after. It makes running a business much more accessible and flexible, allowing you to have a good work life balance at the same time.



When you upload data to the cloud, it is encrypted and password protected. This means that it is secure and that hackers and cybercriminals cannot get to it. If you hold sensitive information about your customers including payment details and addresses, keeping this on a standard laptop is potentially dangerous; if that laptop were to be stolen, that information could fall into the wrong hands. This is even more true of paperwork which can go missing or be left behind on a train or in a café, for example.


It’s not just your customer’s details that can be kept safe in the cloud. By using cloud HR solutions, you can keep your payroll details secure and the names and addresses of your employees. Plus, if you need to outsource any aspect of your business, it is all there, ready to be used by a third party as long as they have the password to do so.


Data Recovery

Problems can occur when using technology. Laptops can stop working suddenly or be stolen, viruses can take hold, there can be a mistake made somewhere by someone that means data can be lost.


What would happen to your business if you could no longer use the equipment needed to run it? In some cases, it would mean shutting down altogether until the issue was fixed, resulting in a loss of money and goodwill. If you use the cloud, your customers would probably never know there was an issue – you could log in and keep working because everything would be backed up and easily recoverable. Using the cloud effectively means that you are storing your data in remote servers, and this means that no matter what happens, you can continue business as usual.

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