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4 Reasons you need a local digital marketing strategy

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Communications are constantly evolving and in the current climate it’s vital for a company to have a digital marketing strategy.

Many companies are utilising digital channels to promote and grow their brand, but some fall short because they lack a carefully formulated digital strategy.

Here are four reasons why you need one.

  1. It creates direction and focus 

Most companies know what they want to achieve online, for example, to attract more customers. But without a written strategy, they may lack a clear idea on how they will achieve this.

Start by creating SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-specific) digital objectives that will help you achieve your business goals. So don’t just say you want to attract more customers, but decide how many customers you need and which channels you’ll use. With tightly focused objectives, you’ll have a clear path forward.

Check out this article from business growth blog Intellspot to find out more information about SMART objectives.

  1. You’ll be better resourced

With a carefully researched written plan to hand you’ll be better placed to determine what resources (staff, training, computer programmes) you will need to achieve your online goals. This in turn will enable you to allocate your funds effectively and efficiently.

If you don’t currently have the in-house talent you require, you can work out whether you can afford to hire for new roles or if it’s better to outsource some services to an agency.

  1. You’ll be able to optimise and adapt

With a strategy in place, you’ll able to get the basics of digital marketing right more quickly, then you can move on to fine-tuning the key parts of your digital strategy such as search marketing, user experience and social media.

You should incorporate time into your plan to measure and assess the various strands of your digital marketing activity. This way, if something’s not working, you can adapt it or pause it, and in the process, prevent wasting money and resources.

  1. You’ll lose out to your competitors

The digital marketing industry is intensely competitive industry and if you want to maintain a strong online presence, you need to continually devote time and resource to digital marketing. If you don’t, you’ll lose your potential customers to competitors.

Firstly, it helps if you have a good knowledge of who your online customers are, so that you can target them through the most effective channels. If this is an area you need assistance with, consider working with an external agency such as digital marketing company Attercopia who have expertise in customer engagement.

Writing a digital strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. Begin by modelling it around your business goals with SMART objectives for each, and determine which digital marketing methods will help you to meet each objective.

Remember, the important thing is that you have a clear direction to focus your efforts on and metrics to measure your progress against. For more advice on creating a powerful digital marketing strategy, take a look at this article from the Digital marketing Institute.

That’s our list! Share your own digital marketing tips in the comments section.


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