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5 Reasons to Recycle Electronic Waste


Most people do not think twice about treating themselves to the latest gadgets or smartphone upgrades. Unfortunately, buying gadgets unnecessarily can lead to more and more technology devices ending up in landfills across the country, which can negatively impact the environment.

What’s even more shocking – yet unsurprising – is that the UK is one of the biggest producers of e-waste in the world. It is therefore crucial that people become more aware of their environmental responsibility and start recycling their technologies as much as possible. Here are five reasons to start recycling your electronic waste.

  1. Britain is Now the 6th Highest Producer of E-waste

Britain has been a global leader in many fields across the world throughout the years, such as creativity, overseas investment, medicine, football, wind production, and university education. Unfortunately, it is also leading the way in electronic waste, as it is the sixth highest producer of e-waste in the world. It is believedthe nation is responsible for creating a whopping 1.4 million tons per year, which can range from various smartphones and games consoles to fridges and computers.

  1. UK E-waste is Being Deportedto Developing Countries

Due to the sheer amount of waste accumulating across the country every year, it is believed to be comprisedof many valuable tech materials. As a result, the broken, faulty or unwanted tech gadgets are being exported to various developing countries.

Once there, they will be dumped together and broken down for scrap. Sadly, many workers are having to embark on various dangerous techniques to both salvage and destroy the materials, which can expose them to various harmful fumes that can seriously affect their long-term health.

  1. Recycling E-waste is Easy

As you can see, electronic waste is severely impacting both the planet and people’s health, but it doesn’t need to. You can arrange for a Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collection.

The professional electronic waste disposal service will recycle various electronics in an ethical, environmentally responsible manner. They can take everything from dishwashers and cookers to lawnmowers and medical equipment.

  1. Create Jobs in the Recycling Sector

Electronics recycling will not only help to protect the planet and safeguard people’s health, but it can also lead to an increase in job opportunities within the recycling sector. Ultimately, the creation of green jobs can have a positive effect on both the local and national economy.

  1. Protect Your Data

Professional recycling not only helps to preserve the planet, but it can also help to protect the data stored on your old devices. If you throw your old devices directly into the rubbish bin, you could leave yourself vulnerable to information theft.

Even if you believe you have deleted all your files from a computer, smartphone, or laptop, the information could still exist on the hard drive, which could be acquired by a talented hacker. By choosing a reputable recycler to remove your old gadgets, you will ensure both your data and identity are protected.

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