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A Guide to Reducing Employee Turnover


If your business is experiencing high levels of staff turnover, it is time to consider what might be causing it. If you’ve noticed a surge in people handing in their notices, or that valued members are suddenly finding a more senior position, it always helps to take a step back and consider what might be causing this, and how to remedy it.

Listen to complaints

While it can be hard to hear negative feedback about your company, it might be necessary to get a sense of where you could be going wrong. Hosting group meetings and one-to-one sessions about what could be improved on within the company might just put the brakes on any employees who are considering looking for the door. Giving colleagues an update about the feedback and what you’ve learned from it is a good way of showing them that you’re taking progressive steps to change.

Acknowledge and reward

If your employees have been under a lot of work pressure of late and the end of the road is in sight, it’s vital that you show them that their hard work was not in vain. There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’ve worked hard and without so much as a thank you. Planning group leisure activities, or even sending round a box of chocolates with a thank you email is just one way of showing your colleagues that you value them.

Invest in their education

If your company doesn’t have the time or resources to send colleague out on training courses, then enabling them to do it in the comfort of the office is an excellent way of helping them to feel valued and invest in their future. For example, legal compliance courses by engageinlearning.com will give your colleagues an invaluable bank of knowledge and all the resources they need to progress in their role. If your colleagues feel that there is a chance to advance in the company, then they’re much more likely to stay put for the time being.

Reanalyse the recruitment process

If your company is experiencing a high turnover rate, it’s sometimes said that this might be partially down to your recruitment process. People might be leaving, or potentially not even making it past their probation period, because they can’t meet the demands of the company. It might also be down to a subconscious bias within the company that means they’re picking a type of person that they lean towards in general, as opposed to someone with the full list of qualifications. Sitting down with your HR department is the first step to improving this area.

Introduce flexibility

This is one of the most highly recommended ways of reducing staff turnover: the modern age is far less content with sticking to a rigid nine-to-five. The reason for this is people no longer want their personal lives to be eroded away by work. Allowing your colleagues to work from home, pick up kids and attend appointments all ensure that they will feel accommodated and trusted.


The first thing to do in a company with too much of a turnover rate is to find out why. While finding out some hidden truths about your company might be hard to listen to, the reward of happier employees will be worth the process.

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