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Afternoon Tea at Malmaison Review

Model, Event Promoter and City Dweller Magazine Columnist Zach Williamson heads to Malmaison to try their new afternoon tea.

Malmaison are forever updating themselves in a social scene packed with high end eateries and bars. With their new afternoon tea menu, Malmaison have proved that they’re a market leader yet again.

Having previously stayed in a Malmaison Hotel and also sampled the Leeds bar menu in great detail with friends, I had high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed either.

After a long weekend of work my partner Lauren and I decided a Sunday afternoon would be the perfect day to drop in to Chez Mal and experience the brand new afternoon tea menu, along with their new gin based afternoon tea cocktail.

As we entered Malmaison’s grand entrance through the revolving doors, we, as always, were greeted by smiles from behind the bar by members of staff.
We took a seat on the plush seating facing the bar and were quickly served and advised that our table had been set. It was fantastic customer service.

As we sat and sipped our Sunday tipple we admired the decor and cleanliness of the bar and restaurant. The Chez Mal and the bar area are truly stunning and perfectly hidden away below ground level of the streets of Leeds, ideal for a romantic meal or even a family gathering.

Glasses empty, we made our way to our table and were swiftly given a menu which consisted of a vast list of teas we could begin with; Lauren ordered a green tea with jasmine whilst I opted for a good old fashion earl grey.

Although Sunday afternoons are sometimes a hard day of trading for most restaurants, Chez Mal had a really nice ambiance and was the right level of busy that only added to the overall Sunday vibe.

Our cups of tea were going down amazingly when out of nowhere we were brought the most gorgeous Hendricks branded china tea pot with accompanying tea cups and saucers. The waitress told us it was their latest summer gin based cocktail, garnished with flower petals and blackberry and it looked fantastic and tasted even better. I would highly recommend it be added to your next visit for afternoon tea as a nice twist.

A short time later we were asked if we were ready for our food and after a great liquid start, we had high hopes for the sweet and savoury treats that lay ahead.

As the two tiered stacked platter arrived at our table we were more than impressed by the presentation of all the food, set out beautifully with two of everything it all looked mouth-watering.

On the top tier we had meringues topped with fresh strawberries, his and hers berry milkshakes, lemon drizzle cakes topped with pistachios and a decedent chocolate fudge brownie finished off on the side with a layered rhubarb cheesecake.

Below, our savoury selection consisted of oak smoked salmon salad wraps, chicken ceaser salad wraps and mini sliders in glazed buns.

Of course no afternoon tea would be complete without scones and they soon followed accompanied by fresh clotted cream and jam.

Although on first inspection everything looks quite petite, I can advise it goes a long way to satisfying even the biggest appetites and after no time at all we were both stuffed.

I am a big lover of afternoon tea and I often frequent Betty’s Tea Rooms or Harvey Nichols but I can safely say this is the best afternoon tea I have had in a long time; a lot of thought has gone into each and every aspect.

I believe the presentation plays a massive part in the enjoyment of the occasion and Malmaison have ticked that box 100% as all the food and drink looked stunning.

On top of this it tasted great and every item complemented the other perfectly no matter in what order you ate it in. This combined with quality drinks, great service and sumptuous surroundings made for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

As restaurants go Malmaison and Chez Mal covers a lot of bases, but with their latest offering they have added another great string to their bow which gives you even more reason to visit.

Book your table here: www.malmaison.com

See you about town! 


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