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Are Leeds residents at risk from skincare addiction?


Are Leeds residents at risk from skincare addiction?

The beauty industry is fast growing and by 2020 is believed to account for more than a quarter of the self-care market. But, are people becoming too obsessed with it? Leeds are at the top of the list when it comes to the annual spending on beauty products and treatments at £7000. With people using up to ten products on their facial routine or doing their cleansing/toning routine twice, plus the ever-growing pressure on women to look perfect, it is no surprise that people are spending a substantial amount on skincare. A simple cleanser and toner used to be sufficient enough but with brands bringing out new products with better formulas to prevent aging, tired eyes and rejuvenating skin, it’s no wonder consumers are spending more money.

A good skincare routine links to the self-care trend currently happening, such as wellness, clean eating and exercise trends but are all these new treatments actually working and healthy for the skin or is it just an additional pressure for women?

With the mission of a flawless face to be natural rather than due to make-up, beauty is now Net-A-Porter’s most successful category with the sales having increased by one third over the last 12 months. Online giant, ASOS have also reported a large rise in sales. Other big beauty brands such as Boohoo are hopping on the beauty wagon by bringing out their own beauty ranges.

In Leeds, a haircut, tan and wax is averagely £68.45, that alone over the year is over £700. Self-tan and contour kits are the most popular products in Yorkshire – not exactly the cheapest beauty items. Adding, other cosmetics that are involved in getting “perfect skin” it’s no wonder consumers are spending thousands.

But, with the constant release of new products, people should take into consideration the risks that come along with skincare treatments and products. For example, with all the new formulas, reactions to these newly introduced ingredients is a big risk, sensitive skin burning due to the acids and possible eye irritation are also possibilities.

Social media has a lot of influence on people, especially a younger generation. The constant flawless bodies, hair and skin are putting a huge amount of pressure on women. Consumers are becoming obsessed with what other consumers are using, it’s not necessarily expert opinions anymore, it’s about what celebs and influencers are using.  They’re becoming infatuated with the technical aspects of skincare, as they’re on a quest to do what is absolutely right for their skin type. It’s no longer the brands deciding what’s being produced and sold, the consumers are leading the brands on what they want to perfect their skin. Companies will do polls and questionnaires about what products are the favourite and will launch them first. Times have moved on from the Kim K look of layers of contouring and it’s now all about getting an impeccable make up free look. Individuals are looking to achieve a flawless natural look, however, many people are attempting to achieve this through synthetic methods.

So, not only are people spending money on the products, they’re spending money on treatments such as Botox, peels, laser treatment or micro-dermabrasion – just like many of the influencers and stars. There are dangers that come along with getting these cosmetics done; Reactions to the products, getting too much of something or sadly coming across a surgeon who isn’t the best.

Going abroad for procedures is a popular choice due to saving money. This does come with risks as a lot of countries don’t have the same safety and hygiene laws as the UK. A recent tragedy that occurred is the death of a British Woman from Leeds who travelled to Turkey to get a Brazilian bum lift. She sadly died on the operating table during the procedure. Although this is a rarity, you should one hundred percent take into consideration risks that may develop or take place after/during a treatment.

Taking it back to the skincare side of things and people wanting to look more “perfect” – Botox is an extremely popular treatment to reduce the look of wrinkles and create a smoother surface. Every doctor should let their patients know about the side effects of Botox, but there may be a few that just don’t do this. The Sun went undercover to investigate the world of Botox and some of the findings are unacceptable. Beauticians stockpiling Botox to give to people without consultations, doctors not meeting the person face to face to give a consultation, not asking the appropriate questions or not advising customers of the potential risks. This is extremely dangerous, if you’re looking at getting Botox, be sure that you know everything about it. The number of young people (19-34) getting injections has dramatically increased by 41% from 2011– Botox starts fading after 4 – 6 months, and once the wrinkles start being seen, people go back for more; this forming an addiction.

Another increasingly popular procedure is laser treatment. This smoothing skin by abolishing acne scars, stretch marks or unwanted hair. With any process, there are pros and cons. The pros are the lack of re-growth of hair, the fading of stretch or scars. But cons are what you need to think carefully about. A few cons are skin pigmentation changing, the expense, pain and a risk of burning of the skin. (this can occur if you have a reaction to the laser) – a woman received £13,000 compensation when she tragically got 2nd degree burns from laser hair remover. This is a rarity but if it ever happens to you due to negligence or reactions, visiting Legal Expert to get advice is a smart step to take.

Addiction with anything is possible, but once you get that perfect, flawless skin you never want to give it up so keep going back for more. With Leeds residents typically spending thousands a year on beauty products/ procedures, they’re definitely well on their way to becoming addicted to skincare.


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