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Art Doctors challenge art gallery conventions at Kirkgate Market exhibition


Artist duo, the Art Doctors, finish a year long project, Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? with an exhibition and the launch of their Toolkit For Gallery Visits at Leeds Kirkgate Market


People in Leeds are invited to challenge art gallery conventions and any fears of contemporary art from Wednesday 24th – Saturday 27th April


The Art Doctors are a Leeds-based artist duo, dedicated to breaking down the barriers to participation in contemporary art, and who are set to host an exhibition and launch of their Toolkit for Gallery Visits at Leeds Kirkgate Market this April.


The exhibition Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? will introduce the people of Leeds, as well as visitors to the city, to a toolkit of ideas and top tips for making your gallery visit more fun, and maybe just a little less scary… The Art Doctors will also be prescribing artworks and activities to enhance your gallery experience, from making art spectacles and capes to creating your own gallery playlist.


Originally started by Alison McIntyre and Liz Stirling as a commission for the British Art Show 8, the Art Doctors engage in playful, informal consultations and dress in paint splattered lab coats. They talk to individuals about their ideas, interests and experiences with a view to prescribing contemporary art. This can involve offering prompt cards, asking questions or providing a cushion or a blanket in case the art ‘patient’ becomes overwhelmed.


The project is funded by Leeds Inspired and supported by East Street Arts, Leeds Art Gallery and Leeds Beckett University. The exhibition is culmination of a year of engagement which has taken place with diverse groups in Leeds, encouraging participation with contemporary art organisations and exhibitions in the city.


Alison McIntyre, Art Doctors founder, said: “We see art as the spark for bigger conversations and are excited by the prospect of creating a exhibition that will engage visitors with some ideas around contemporary art, hopefully making those ideas a little less intimidating and a little more playful. The exhibition and our Toolkit for Gallery Visits have been produced in collaboration with the groups we’ve worked with over the past year. We hope this accessible approach will encourage visitors to our exhibition to make their own visits to contemporary art exhibitions in the city, maybe armed with a little more confidence and a sense of fun. And that they might leave feeling a little different about contemporary art, and maybe even about life.”


Hannah Vallis, programme manager at East Street Arts, said: “We feel the Art Doctors’ work is incredibly valuable. It is understandable that people can feel intimidated by art if it’s not something they’re used to engaging with. People can fear judgement if they feel they don’t understand something and the gallery setting can be a daunting one. It’s fantastic to have some friendly, approachable artists providing encouragement and a guiding hand.”


For more information about the exhibition and the Art Doctors, go to: www.artdoctors.org.uk




Art Doctors

The Art Doctors aim to playfully break down barriers to participation in contemporary art, and to explore the positive role of creativity in all our lives. Created by artists Alison McIntyre and Liz Stirling they are now a loose collective of like-minded people all prepared to don a paint splattered doctor’s coat in the name of art and creativity.


East Street Arts

East Street Arts is dedicated to making art accessible to all. We operate on an international scale, supporting artists at all levels and stages of their careers.


We sustain the alternative and challenge the norm through creating the space, time and resource for artists to be innovative, pioneering and successful. At the heart of our philosophy is developing unique, provocative and experimental environments for artists, residents, businesses and tourists to convene.

We occupy the places in which we live, bringing creativity, vibrancy and life to urban environments: from artistic commissions which reimagine public space to our portfolio of temporary and permanent arts properties.

Led by a dynamic trio of directors our property portfolio spans the length and breadth of the country providing artistic workspaces and studios, exhibition venues, community arts hubs and, most recently, the UK’s first independent Art Hostel, creating a home-from-home for an international community of artists and curious tourists alike.


Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery is home to one of the best collections of British Art outside of London. A free attraction in the heart of the city, our collection comprises a wide range of modern and contemporary art. Our sculpture display showcases the work of Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and other internationally acclaimed sculptors.

We also offer a changing programme of exhibitions and displays throughout the year along with an extensive programme of events. Come and get creative in Artspace or join us for a Thursday lunchtime talk, delving deeper into our contemporary exhibitions and other one off topics.

We’re also proud to be a part of the Yorkshire Sculpture International Programme in 2019. We’ll be working in partnership with the Henry Moore Institute, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Hepworth Wakefield. Watch this space for further details coming your way soon.


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