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It’s a fact that no girl’s life is truly complete until she’s gone on a hen-do to Benidorm. Well I can now tick that item off my bucket-list, following four nights of summer mayhem with twenty soul sisters!

Is Benidorm the notorious, full-on party town of legend?

The answer is a resounding YES, with extra bells-and- whistles, not to mention stockings-and-suspenders! For me, leaving the relative calm of our hotel for the first time was like stepping through a wormhole into another dimension, as a tsunami of light and sound engulfed us, and I immediately knew how Dorothy must’ve felt when she arrived in Oz: “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!”.

You don’t fly to Benidorm seeking peace and quiet, and you certainly don’t book an all-inclusive hotel that specialises in stag and hen parties (one of only a few remaining, as they are clamping down and trying to improve its image). You go for sensory overload and fun with a capital ‘F’! You either embrace the Benidorm party vibe or book elsewhere.

But before we even landed in Benidorm I had arranged a surprise. The helpful Jet2 staff managed to smuggle the bride-to-be’s (Rosemarie’s) brother onto the flight, using a private transfer and lots of stealth. Once airborne, they announced over the PA a hen-party was onboard, and that Rosemarie’s brother had a message for her. He’s a Leeds nightlife legend, so you can imagine the squeals of excitement when Terry came sashaying down the aisle, milking the occasion for all its worth!

If your great-aunt Mabel insists on coming along, but can’t hack the pace, she’ll still find plenty of low-key things to do along the Costa Blanca during the day. The beach at Lavante is safe, clean and family-friendly. Near the charming Old Town with its cobbled streets, the Municipal Market is held twice a week and great for bargains (aunties love a bargain). Or she could take a bus to the spectacular headland of the Serra Galada National Park, visible from all over town.

Stay together, stay safe and you will enjoy Benidorm for what it is – tremendous fun in the sun and only a couple of hours flight from Leeds.

Bon Voyage! Yasmin x

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