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Benidorm Live Review – Leeds Grand Theatre


MONDAY 18th – SATURDAY 23rd  MARCH 2019


Sun, sea, cocktails and a whole load of fun and frolics has landed at the Leeds Grand theatre bringing all the live action of Benidorm to the stage. Who doesn’t know the hilarious antics at the Hotel Solana from the hit ITV series and now right in from of your eyes they are open for business once more. Some of the most loved characters are back to cause mayhem and mischief as they all try and save their jobs in the midst of the hotel being taken over and possible closed or good!

Writer Darren Litten, who brought to the screen The Catherine Tate Show along with the lady herself, had penned ten series of Benidorm before the show ended last year. With the incredible following building over the years what better way to reignite the passion for Benidorm than to bring it live to the stage. Very much like watching an episode but right there in front of you, and as you might have guessed anything, and everything could go wrong, you’ll laugh your sombrero off!

Join Joyce Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson) managing the iconic Solana in her own unique and comical style bossing around Mateo (Jake Canuso) as he swoons over every female guest in site. The famous Blow & Go salon now owned by Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) is in full swing after the disaster in the last episodes and hosting new and unsuspecting clientele. The queen of hair Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) up to his usual tricks, lowering the tone with hysterical one liners and taunting Liam (Adam Gillen) as he keeps the trade flowing through… Holiday rep Sam (Shelley Longworth), the girl with a plan, keeping everything sane as chaos descends on the holiday from hell.

Absolutely fun and action packed, full of cheek and sassy comedy at its best. If you love the show, you’ll adore this even more as the cast bring it bigger and better than ever before! Remember your swimming gear or you won’t get to dip in the pool and taste the exotic cocktails the Costa Blanca has to offer, and whatever else is on the menu!


Matthew Jameson

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