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New Bingo Hall Set to Open on Stonebridge Lane


On the back of reports such as the one in The Guardian explaining that youth-oriented, hipster bingo halls are all the rage among millennials and longtime bingo players, Leeds seems to have followed suit by opening up a massive new venue over on Stonebridge Lane. The new hotspot is called Buzz Bingo and offers a lot more than what you would normally expect from a standard bingo hall. Read on to find out more.

The new Leeds’ Buzz Bingo is housed in a huge hanger-like venue out in LS12, meaning you’ll probably need a taxi to get there. Unlike a standard bingo hall, this place feels more like a hip evening hangout and offers an arguably different atmosphere than what we’ve come to expect from your bog-standard bingo hall. The place is all decked out in airy, modern decor that makes the hall feel more like a trendy hotel lounge than somewhere hundreds of people gather to hear someone scream”two fat ladies!” at them. Whether the new Buzz Bingo becomes a popular nightlife and daytime spot for city dwellers young and old remains to be seen.

The fact that Leeds finally has its own hipster bingo club is hardly surprising, given the hipsterfication of pretty much everything in this city over the past few years. The development follows the establishment of the wildly popular hipster social club the Brudenell Social Club, as well as the transformation of the old bus terminal into the millennial party hotspot the Old Red Bus Station over on Vicar Lane. Whether Buzz Bingo will be quite as popular as these nationally-known venues remains to be seen, but it does seem to offer much of the same appeal.

As well as offering a lively evening of distraction in the form of bingo, albeit not quite in the same neon-drenched vein as bingo club nights that combine live music and the game, Buzz seems to have plenty to keep all kinds of party-goer happy.  There’s an impressively detailed menu offering such hipster staples as fully-stacked burgers and loaded fries, as well as enough seriously OTT deserts to put anyone into a sugar coma. The kicker though might just be the drinks menu, which allows bingo players to indulge in plenty of wine and pitcher of cheap beer, but also a range of nutritional cocktails for the health-conscious reveller.

This might just be bingo like we haven’t seen it played before, so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something to do this week. The late opening hours also make it an ideal spot to hit up if you’re on the hunt for somewhere to relax before your big night out in town. And who knows, if you play your cards right you might even win more than enough to cover a limo into town and plenty of rounds of drinks for you and your squad.

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