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Cabaret hits the Leeds Grand Theatre with a bang


Sit back, relax and get ready to be dazzled and slightly shocked with the extravagance and sheer delight of this explosive production as Cabaret hits the Leeds Grand Theatre with a bang! Set in Berlin in the early 1930’s against a backdrop of free thinking and easy sex soon to be completely repressed by the rise of the Nazi Party. We meet some interesting and emotional characters consumed by the lifestyle and decadence of the Kit Kat Club, however immoral, is their only haven. Clifford Bradshaw (Charles Hagerty) just arrived from America, thrown into this new way of life, questioning his own morals and sexuality with a shaded past. He encounters Sally Bowles (Louise Redknapp) who’s frank and direct way of getting what she wants enchants Clifford to the point of self-discovery. We are guided through the poignant journey by Emcee (Will Young) who perfectly adds sugar, spice and everything nice to encapsulate us right to the very end, making comment on the change in society and looming downfall.

Will Young smashes it giving a spectacular performance capturing the light and dark of every situation within the narrative. The perfect moments of comedy reflected by the perfect moments of sadness in reflection of the horrible truth closing in. Louise RedKnapp and Charles Hagerty convince us of their emotional connection and bring down the house with their incredible musical performances. The supporting cast also raise the roof with Susan Penhaligon as Fraulein Schneider and Basienka Blake as Fraulein Kost giving their all and fighting off one or two naked sailor boys in one way or another. The dancing and musicality of this production is spellbinding and every member of the cast proves what a smash Cabaret is and always will be. Get down to the Kit Kat Club or you’ll miss out on this gem of a show!

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