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Our blogger on… Gluten Free Diets

Ryan Mallinson

Gluten Free Yourself We all know that one awkward person that has to be different. The kind of person who turns up to the pub wearing a trilby or that one person who is fussy about their food when you go out to eat.  They have long discussions with the waitress on how things are cooked and then they summon ...

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Feature Film ‘The Scrapper’

Rachel McAlley

I recently got to know a little bit about a guy called Chris Wild, an actor from my hometown of Halifax. I’ve been following his career throughout 2015 when he starred in an indie film called ‘To Catch a Butterfly’ which won numerous film awards and accolades in 2014 and 2015. He’s been in many theatre productions around the UK ...

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Top Jobseeking Tips for your New Year Job Hunt in Leeds

Jo Rowbotham - Jobseeking

Tips for new year jobseeking in Leeds We are now well into the new year and for some of you, a new year’s resolution is to find the next step on the career ladder with a new job.  January is traditionally the time of year where freshly created jobs are advertised, Jo Rowbotham of EmptyLemon has some tips to get ...

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Vaughn Thomas: Statement of Intent

vaughn thomas

Vaughn Thomas from Sovereign Wealth LLP, presents his financial column in Leeds City Dweller. The Chancellor has resisted giving the green light to pension reform, for now. Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement covered changes to the state pension and automatic enrolment, but steered well clear of pensions tax relief. The government’s response to its consultation has now been pushed back ...

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Rachel McAlley: Postcards From Jeff

Rachel McAlley

If you haven’t heard of Postcards From Jeff, then you are most certainly missing out! This self-proclaimed “perennial yearning for pastures new and greener grass” band shows elements of far flung folk, electronica, country, krautrock and pop which are seamlessly brought together in a worldlier embrace. I’m very lucky to personally know the lead singer of Postcards From Jeff, Joss ...

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Right 2016, Let’s Be Having Ya!

adam oneil

It was nice to end 2015 meeting somebody who is a bit of a worldwide legend, the amazing Dynamo. He came into our studios for a chat before he started his run of 7 shows at the Leeds Arena (which is a crazy number when you consider most bands only sell out 1 or 2 nights!) For somebody who has ...

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Andrew Carter’s Leeds Night Out Experience

Andrew Carter

Leeds City Musings from Author Andrew Carter Birthday Capers A couple of days ago I remembered (saw on Facebook) that it was the birthday of a good friend of mine, which evoked memories of his eventful eighteenth. To celebrate, we had gone into town for one of those badly planned nights out where everyone has a different agenda. This can ...

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Sustain Nutrition’s Guide to Surviving Christmas!

Joe & James are two active and highly professional personal trainers with over 10 years combined experience of working with people just like you. This experience has taught them one major flaw with the DIET industry and is not always the plan it’s the lack of accountability, this is the key factor that keeps people from falling off the wagon ...

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Route 57: Britain’s Answer to Route 66!

Ardziv Simonian

Many people dream of driving Route 66, the epic American road trip that spans from Chicago in North Eastern Illinois to Santa Monica in California. Covering almost two and a half thousand miles (2,448 to be precise) and crossing 7 states, it’s a great way to explore the American middle states as well as popular cities such as Las Vegas ...

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BE LGBTQ RnB club night returns

Rob Wilson

The intimate setting of BE at Milo (under new management), Call Lane, Leeds gave our launch night on Friday 25 September 2015 a New York loft apartment feel and our discerning clubbers were more than ready to show of their moves which included the running man, jiggy, nae nae, locking, cat-walking and free-styling it out. Whilst our 3 speciality cocktails ...

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