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A Woman in a Million

rachel mcalley

Woman in a Million I have a very lovely normal down-to-earth Leeds friend, Anj Handa, who does exceptional and not-at-all normal things in the world. When I met her back in 2005 she worked in an average everyday office in Leeds city centre, she was doing a ‘normal’ job, and in the 10 years since we met she is now ...

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The Hunt for the Lost Treasure…

abi fox

We so often hear about those people who are living and breathing their passion, but what about if you’re one who hasn’t figured out what your passion is? How do you even find your passion? It’s the long awaited prize on the treasure hunt, see it as an adventure. It can often appear that people just find it one day, ...

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Travel with Yasmin

City Dweller & seasoned travel expert, Yasmin Macis, is racing all over the world this month! Whether you enjoy cheering from the stands or prefer a more hands-on approach, I have a range of exciting sports holidays to tempt you off the sofa. It seems like top-notch sporting events are wall-to-wall at present with Brazil greedily hosting two extravaganzas – ...

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Buy to Regret?

vaughn thomas

Vaughn Thomas, from Sovereign Wealth Private Clients, looks at property and the temptation to use pension funds to invest into residential property. It may have seemed a long time coming, but for the millions of over-55s waiting for the new pension reforms, the retirement revolution finally got underway April 2015. People over the age of 55 with a defined contribution ...

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Authentic – True to You

Showing up as real – The true unadulterated YOU But what does being authentic mean? Are you being your authentic self? How do you know? How do you find your way to discovering the real you if you’re not? Why does this matter? Well, there’s an impact…a painful result of living a life of inauthenticity. I know…it can be scary ...

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Ed Carlisle on Fever Pitch Politics


Fever pitch politics It’s that time again: the election looms, due on Thursday 7th May (2015). Ed Carlisle wonders what it’s all about, if it makes any difference, and what we can all do about it. Ed Carlisle lives in Beeston Hill in south Leeds. He co-runs Leeds charity Together for Peace (t4p.org.uk), and is involved in a load of ...

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Rachel’s Primal Personal Training

General Sports

So far the majority of my Primal experience has been based around my own training plans and participating in the array of classes which is all very well and good, but with summer on the horizon, and a bikini body to obtain, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels there’s no time like the present to up the ...

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Summer Essentials

With summer now very much upon us, we thought we’d put together a little ‘Summer Essentials’ collection. Whether it’s a romantic day out for two or a garden party with all of your nearest and dearest we have it all under control! It’s understandable that everyone wants to make the most of the long sunny days and not so cold ...

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Reebok’s Tips on how to Fight Hay Fever

Hay Fever

HOW TO COMBAT SPRING HAY FEVER WITH EXERCISE AND NUTRITION With spring expecting to bring unusually strong hay fever symptoms – high pollen counts combined with the heavy pollution and Saharan dust – Leeds-based Reebok Master Trainer, Stacey Jacques, shares her recommendations in Allergy Awareness Week (20th-26th April). Stacey highlights, “Those who don’t suffer from hay fever often underestimate the ...

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Dr J Answers More of Your Questions!

Dr Jones Blog Image

Dear Dr Jones, Recently my friends have suggested that I should go to get my cholesterol levels checked, I am a 42 year old male and feel pretty healthy. Would you advise I should? And if so how often would you recommend me doing so? Dear Dweller, It’s always a good idea to get regular health check regardless of how ...

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