6 Pack - Owlerton Stadium


Rob Sorts You Out for March

With a plethora of talent that has already galavanted through our city in the previous months, March has worked just as hard to keep up the trend. The theme for March is ‘legends’ which you’ll come to terms with throughout the feature. Once again the guys behind Butter Side up have strengthened their brand with ever present spinner Fred P ...

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LGBT Fostering and Adoption Week

February was the international celebration of LGBT History month, with a number of popular events hosted in Leeds. These included Leeds Beckett student union arranging various discussion workshops, ‘Over the Top’ event day at the Leeds museum including performances by the local gay choir Gay Abandon and a screening of Alphabet Club by Jamie Fletcher – and social group celebrations ...

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Sneaky Peak at Fashion Shoot!

rachel mcalley

I was privy to a fashion shoot that recently took place at Headingley’s Shrine Salon, with a number of models who were wearing Leeds designer Zara Mia’s collection. Hair was done by the team at Shrine, and clothes supplied by Zara Mia (also available from Lambert’s Yard in the centre of the city). Beautiful hair, and beautiful clothes. For more ...

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How to Measure Customer Loyalty

Understanding how loyal your customers are is important if you want to focus your sales and marketing effort in the right places. Until recently there hasn’t been a way to measure customer loyalty. Instead we’ve measured ad effectiveness; although this is useful it doesn’t tell you about loyalty, in other words, how many customers are going to stay with you. ...

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Make Your Move In 2015

Well another year and another set of resolutions… For many, that urge to hand in your notice and make your move (which comes from one too many glasses ‘of the good stuff’ through the holidays) fades suddenly once the hangover sets in and you return to your comfortable, reliable jobs. My advice is to think again! 2015 looks set to ...

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Politics: A Reboot


POLITICS: REBOOT? ​Ed Carlisle lives in Beeston Hill in south Leeds. He co-runs Leeds charity Together for Peace (t4p.org.uk), and is involved in a load of community and city projects including: the Holbeck viaduct scheme, Park Run, the South Leeds Life blog and newspaper, a bit of youth-work, and more. He keeps hens, and tries to grow veg. He likes ...

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Developments in Leeds

Parklane Andrew Baxter

2014 was the year for new developments in Leeds, with some sources claiming that there is more investment into shopping developments in Leeds than anywhere else in Europe. Building Boom In March last year it was announced that work would begin on the new Victoria Gate development, which would house the first John Lewis in the city. According to figures ...

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Stada Media Embrace’s Filming!

In mid-2014, Leeds video production company Stada Media was filming a charity gig at the O2 Academy. Founder of the company, film director Danny Lacey, was introduced to the drummer Mike Heaton from West Yorkshire band Embrace. Danny got chatting with Mike, and was then introduced to the rest of the band. Stada Media then filmed a music video for ...

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Leeds United Insider

In a city like Leeds, the football club is frequently the topic of conversation and the focus is usually the performance of the team; the new players coming in; or what the manager is up to. In reality the operation of a football club is multi-facetted and has a wider effect on the whole community, and many people are unaware ...

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Getting straight into it with Rob

So we are into the month of love already after a solid 4 weeks of detoxing that we all should have adhered to…. said no one ever! Getting straight into it! February has somewhat of an acid tinge embedded within. The legendary DJ Pierre, who I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing in the past, fronts ‘Just A Little Acid Trip’ ...

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