6 Pack - Owlerton Stadium


Right 2016, Let’s Be Having Ya!

adam oneil

It was nice to end 2015 meeting somebody who is a bit of a worldwide legend, the amazing Dynamo. He came into our studios for a chat before he started his run of 7 shows at the Leeds Arena (which is a crazy number when you consider most bands only sell out 1 or 2 nights!) For somebody who has ...

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Andrew Carter’s Leeds Night Out Experience

Andrew Carter

Leeds City Musings from Author Andrew Carter Birthday Capers A couple of days ago I remembered (saw on Facebook) that it was the birthday of a good friend of mine, which evoked memories of his eventful eighteenth. To celebrate, we had gone into town for one of those badly planned nights out where everyone has a different agenda. This can ...

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Sustain Nutrition’s Guide to Surviving Christmas!

Joe & James are two active and highly professional personal trainers with over 10 years combined experience of working with people just like you. This experience has taught them one major flaw with the DIET industry and is not always the plan it’s the lack of accountability, this is the key factor that keeps people from falling off the wagon ...

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Route 57: Britain’s Answer to Route 66!

Ardziv Simonian

Many people dream of driving Route 66, the epic American road trip that spans from Chicago in North Eastern Illinois to Santa Monica in California. Covering almost two and a half thousand miles (2,448 to be precise) and crossing 7 states, it’s a great way to explore the American middle states as well as popular cities such as Las Vegas ...

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BE LGBTQ RnB club night returns

Rob Wilson

The intimate setting of BE at Milo (under new management), Call Lane, Leeds gave our launch night on Friday 25 September 2015 a New York loft apartment feel and our discerning clubbers were more than ready to show of their moves which included the running man, jiggy, nae nae, locking, cat-walking and free-styling it out. Whilst our 3 speciality cocktails ...

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City Dweller Magazine Issue 104 is Available to Download Now!

City Dweller Magazine

The new month means it’s time for a new issue of City Dweller Magazine! Recently voted the best big city in the UK to live in, it’s a great time to be in Leeds and this month we’re celebrating our wonderful city! We’ve focused our amazing shopping destinations, our incredible music venues and all the characters that make Leeds such ...

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Meeting Nelson Mandela…

Andrew Carter

Leeds City Musings from author Andrew Carter Nelson Mandela I am aware that my blogs usually comprise of things like beer and football, so in a transparent bid to appear more cultivated, this week will feature neither and instead recall the time that I met Nelson Mandela. Okay, met is a slight exaggeration/downright lie. I was in an audience of ...

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How To Ensure This Is The Last Christmas You Are Single

Manj Weerasekera

Are you single and dreading the forthcoming festive season? Well, you are not alone. For many single people, divorced or otherwise, the thought of dealing with family gatherings and those Christmas work parties as a newly single guy/girl is unappealing at best and daunting at worst. Are you dreading the thought of being asked probing questions about your love life, ...

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Christmas Conversations You MUST Have With Your Staff

Sue Ingram

Christmas is coming! Although it’s a time for celebration – work still exists and jobs still need to be done. Sue Ingram, from Converse Well, believes that as a manager there are some crucial communications that need to be made around expectations over the Christmas period. And this communication is a fine balancing act. Fail to communicate any expectations and ...

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Sing-Kee Foods: #RecipeOfTheWeek


Sing-Kee Foods is a family ran business with a history of over 20 years, supplying the public with a range of provisions from the Far East. They are dedicated to provide quality oriental food and other goods to both wholesale and retail customers. Their customers are caterers stocking their restaurants, or families purchasing their weekly groceries. You can find out ...

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