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Celebs on a Plane with Darryl Morris

Tis the season to be sunburnt. Summer is here and it’s time to pretend we enjoy eating outside, drinking flavoured cider and talking to people about the weather. 

The summer parties are in full swing and, if we’re honest, all we can think of is escaping the monotony of conversations about the heat and hitting the beach. We aren’t alone.

Ellie Goulding joined my show recently and is set to spend summer hopping to and from the white beaches of LA. But, despite assuming they had some sort of separate special portal, it turns out she too must face the cramped seats and intrusive aircon of easyjet. Imagine buckling up and realising you’re going to spend the next 8 hours with Ellie Goulding falling asleep and dribbling onto your shoulder. Ellie said:

“I love flying on commercial flights. It’s much more fun than flying private. People recognise me but we just have a drink and have a laugh. I wouldn’t recommend the 1am flight home from Ibiza, though. That can be rowdy. Half of them are still drunk.”

Rising star Dua Lipa encountered a more turbulent experience.

“I was on a plane to Frankfurt recently and fell asleep, as you do. When we arrived I checked twitter and saw a tweet from the guy next to me, complete with picture of my wide-open, snoring mouth! I blocked him pretty quickly!” she shared with us.

Maybe Ryanair need to invest in a VIP section. Although I’m not sure that’ll take off.

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