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Check into 2 Oxford Place – 100% Gluten Free

2 Oxford Place exudes charisma and charm with its modern take on a traditional tea room.

Through their use of mismatching chairs and a vast amount of mirrors on the walls of the upstairs area the owner, Victoria, of 2 Oxford Place has created an eclectic and quirky interior whilst keeping one foot firmly planted in the style of traditional tea rooms of old.

2 Oxford Place
2 Oxford Place

Through this combination she has created a fully unique dining experience. The restaurant is also decked out with an original wooden bar area that provided a focal point within the restaurant, the bar serves a mixture of alcoholic drinks such as bottled beers and spirits, whilst also offering soft and hot drinks.

The menu is 100% Gluten Free which is a first for Leeds and only one of a handful of other restaurants in the UK.  The menu has a unique mixture of flavours and dishes, which like the interior, creates an eclectic taste sensation. We sampled a number of the dishes, with my personal favourite being the homemade Scotch Eggs, which were crafted to perfection. There was also homemade bruschetta available with various toppings such as prosciutto ham which added a lovely European twist to the menu. The menu boasted old classics, such as Sunday Lunch, nestled alongside more contemporary cuisine. There is also plenty on offer for those who have a sweet tooth, with Victoria’s own hand made cupcakes on the menu, which were light, airy and crammed with flavour.

As someone who doesn’t have a food allergy I could not taste any difference in the food, (In fairness, it tasted better than a lot of non-gluten free food!) I am looking forward to making 2 Oxford Place one of my regular places of dining. I am hoping to go one weekend in the near future to sample the delicious looking breakfast menu which included my favourite eggs benedict.

Make sure you book in soon as it’s going to be very difficult to make reservations once everyone else hears about it!

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