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Chocolate Tasting at Hotel Chocolat

The Chocolate Tasting Adventures at Roast + Conch have been created especially for chocolate lovers who would like to take the next step in their appreciation of chocolate – gaining delicious insider knowledge and tasting tips.

Over two wonderful hours, you will discover the best ways to get to know chocolate, how to taste it, when to taste it and what to look out for. As you progress through the experience you will also discover how to pick out the nuances of flavour and texture influenced by such things as the type of cocoa, terroir and conching time.

Tasting Adventures currently take place at Roast + Conch, every Saturday from 10am -12pm and 4pm – 6pm

You can book a Chocolate Tasting Adventure by contacting the Tasting Team at tastingevents@hotelchocolat.co.uk or 08444 93 10 10 (Monday – Friday).

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