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Freezing cold days and dark afternoons are enough to drive most people to an early bedtime.

Many people at this time of year are going to work before daylight and getting home after it has turned dark again and it is a well-known fact that lethargy is at its height at this time of year.

Is your bedroom inviting? Is it a haven of rest and relaxation? The ultimate in comfort? Or is it a dismal place best entered as late as possible and turn the lights out?

During the last year or so I have furnished numerous bedrooms for clients, for show homes and for rental properties and I always feel that as with any part of the home so long as I get comfort and storage right everything else will fall into place.

It doesn’t matter if you own your own home or you rent there is no excuse for not having a bedroom that is a sanctuary at the end of the day.

First things first, the room must be clean and free of clutter and whilst there are some fabulous wallpapers around and we occasionally use padded walls even in a rental where you do not want to spend money on somebody else’s property newly painted walls do make a difference.

Even small bedrooms can look really lovely and provide the luxury feeling and comfort that create a sense of well-being.

If you are a tenant and the bedsprings are coming through the mattress your landlord should be looking to replace it for you or perhaps you buy your own bed?

I have always preferred upholstered headboards or an upholstered headboard wall simply for comfort and have never been attracted to iron bedsteads or wooden headboards.

Colour schemes are personal taste as is the contrast between a very light bedroom or a very dark bedroom. The Dakota Hotel bedrooms in Leeds have grey walls ceiling and woodwork and the colour scheme overall is dark but most people who see them love them and appreciate the comfort and elegance the scheme creates.

Is it a personal idiosyncrasy that I insist on sheets all being well ironed? I am always surprised when I see an otherwise lovely bedroom where the homeowner has put clean sheets on the bed but not ironed them first and they are full of tumble dryer creases.

There is so much choice around in bedside cabinets and I always try to use ones which are for storage rather than just a night table unless the room has lots of storage in other areas just as I generally use a pair of quite large bedside lamps which are great for ambience and also for reading in bed rather than a bright overhead light.

Most people these days prefer a duvet and cover to blankets and a bedspread but a throw or bed runner over the duvet neatens up the appearance of a bed and is finished off if complimentary cushions are used.

Where there is space I tend to use a wide upholstered bedroom stool at the foot of the bed which is handy to put any bedding which is used to dress the bed but not required overnight on and is also very useful to sit on whilst dressing rather than on the foot of the bed.

If you are a tenant all of these purchases are things which can move with you and which can help make a rental property more personalised and for home owners a lovely comfortable bedroom is not only a great asset but for relatively small cost and attractive well dressed bedroom can enhance the value of a home… Worth remembering if you are thinking of selling up and moving on!

So where ever you live and regardless of how large or small your bedroom is perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look and see if it makes you smile when you open the bedroom door.

For more advice go to www.christineyorath.com or get in touch by emailing christine@yorathgroup.com or ringing 07836 737300.

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