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Thinking of a Cruise Holiday?

Ahoy there!

Although I’m far too busy booking your holidays to go on a long relaxing cruise, I have been lucky enough to be invited onboard with Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships when it docked down in Southampton.

For those who have never been on a cruise ship you’ll be astounded, as was I, by the sheer scale of some of these huge floating islands.

Yasmin Macis Takes A Cruise
Yasmin Macis Takes A Cruise

Imagine, if you will, luxury state rooms arranged over two floors and with their own private balconies. On the most futuristic ships even the interior cabins have floor-to-ceiling ‘windows’ which are actually LED screens showing views of the ocean and upcoming destinations. This brings me to an important point; you need to work out your budget and decide if it can run to an outside or balcony cabin. My advice would always be to opt for an outside if you can afford it, to avoid any feeling of claustrophobia and take advantage of the amazing sites and sunrises as they roll into view, surely one of the prime reasons to go on a cruise.

Mind you, with so many activities on offer you probably won’t find yourself spending much time in your cabin, however luxurious it may be.

Where do I begin? Depending on the ship you choose there is almost everything you could wish for. On the entertainment front there are live bands, dancing, themed parties, all manner of great cabaret acts plus Broadway-style theatrical shows. And, just as on land, you can choose from an international array of superb restaurants and cafes, from Chinese to Italian and all places in between.

Yasmin Macis Takes A Cruise
Yasmin Macis Takes A Cruise

If you feel the need to work off your meal, there’s a lot more than just swimming on offer. Some ships even have climbing walls and zip-lines! For the slightly less energetic there’s mini-golf, yoga, ice-skating, health spas and much more.

I’m happy to discuss all your requirements and match you with the perfect cruise. Perhaps you’ve decided to take the holiday of a lifetime and sail to an exotic destination like the Caribbean or the Pacific Ocean or even round the world, there are many other options closer to home, including the Scandinavian fjords with specialist companies like Hurtigruten and a chance to go whale-watching or take in the spectacular Northern Lights. The Mediterranean and the nearby Scottish Islands also remain popular destinations. And if time is at a premium I can always find you a mini-cruise of just a few days duration. The choice is yours.

For more information on cruises visit: Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships

Bon Voyage!


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