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Cryotherapy UK Review

City Dweller Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Editor Chloe Hare checks out Leeds’ latest beauty trend, Cryotherapy UK.

For my most recent assignment for City Dweller Magazine, I volunteered to try out Cryotherapy UK at XS Hair and Beauty Salon and I must say, I was beyond impressed.

Cryotherapy is the latest trend for celebrity models and sports stars all over the world and it’s now available to the general public, with Cryotherapy UK being the one of the only places to try it out in Yorkshire.

I chose to try out their specialist ‘Body Sculpting Treatment’ on my bum and thighs to try and get myself looking like Beyoncé in time for the new year.

cryotAfter doing a little research before my appointment, it was safe to say I was very nervous to have temperatures of -160°C blasted all over my bare skin. These feelings were soon put to rest by Anne-Marie, one of the lovely staff members there, as she made me feel comfortable and reassured me that this treatment is nothing but safe and relaxing.

However, even though I had Googled it extensively, I must admit that before entering her treatment room I was completely unsure about what was to come! After taking my measurements and some ‘before’ images, I was laid down on the bed and awaited the shock of the cold vapour on my legs. The dreaded sting of cold that I was anticipating never came. I was pleasantly surprised the cool flow of air that was flowing around my body.

Still not knowing much about this treatment, I began quizzing Anne-Marie on the method, uses and effects of Cryotherapy. Everything that I had read online was complete mumbo jumbo with loads of scientific jargon thrown in, leaving me confused and unsure of what this new craze was all about.

As it turns out it can be used as more than just a cosmetic procedure, it can be used for vanity purposes (which is why I was there) or it can be used in a much more practical way.

cryotherapy2Cryotherapy can be used to treat bruising and swelling, stimulating the healing process in your body around injuries, carpel tunnel, arthritis, depression and skin conditions such as acne and eczema. It’s an amazing alternative to having plastic surgery too as you can get all of the benefits without the pain, possible scarring and most importantly, there’s no recovery period. It’s a non invasive experience and I cannot begin to tell you how relaxing it is!

The idea behind Cryotherapy is fairly straight forward. The shock of -160°C hits your body which, in turn, triggers a reaction that makes your body increase its blood flow and sends four times more oxygen to that particular area. This increases your metabolism and boosts collagen which helps to plump your skin and repair the surrounding cells. All of this burns your fat cells and breaks them down to give you instant inch loss. It’s not just for inch loss though, it’s also amazing for treating cellulite and reducing the appearance of stretch marks by evening out skin tone and tightening your skin up.

As Anne-Marie was directing the fog like vapour to the relevant areas, she was using her spare hand to massage my leg in its path. By doing so she was helping my body to reheat itself and speed the process up but it was also unbelievably relaxing at the same time.

Another thing she was explaining to me is that it works wonders on your face too! As well as giving you the effects of a face lift it can drastically improve the appearance of acne scarring and uneven skin pigmentation. As a previous acne sufferer myself, I will be making my next appointment very soon.

If this experience has taught me anything it’s that I should definitely treat myself more often and an indulging facial will be the perfect place to start!

Chloe x

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