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Cryotherapy UK: The Results

CryotherapyCryptherapy UK as taken Leeds by storm in recent months and there is no question as to why.

Offering the results of other invasive, expensive and dangerous treatments such as liposuction and cosmetic face lifts.

With fans including Hollywood stars such as Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss and well-known athletes, it comes as a shock that it is so accessible for the ‘normal’ people of Leeds.

We’ve caught up with a few women who have given the treatment a go themselves to see what affects it has had on them.

I wanted to try the Cryotherapy body treatment after over-indulging at Christmas. The treatment started by the therapist talking to me about what I wanted to achieve from Cryo. I had read lots of reviews online about inch loss so we began by measuring my thighs. The therapist talked to me about how the treatment would feel and what to expect. She started with my left leg. Initially it just felt like a light steam but as the treatment progressed it became colder. It was quite a strange sensation as the rest of my body felt perfectly warm but the treatment area was ice cold. The vapour treatment was also complimented with a lymphatic massage to encourage improved circulation and cellulite reduction. We paused before she did the other side so I could compare. The results were instant and the treatment area felt lifted and much smoother. After she had done both sides she measured my thighs again and I had lost half an inch off each thigh in just 40 minutes. I am getting married next year so will definitely be going back to help me feel great in my dress.


I was excited to try this facial treatment (which was new to me) as I am 57 and over the past few years I have noticed a gradual loss of elasticity and tone in my skin as well as a dull complexion.

The hour long treatment began with a normal facial (cleansing, exfoliating scrub and face mask) including a delightfully relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Then the therapist began the Cryo treatment. This involved blowing the liquid nitrogen from a hose held about 6 inches away from my face. She began by treating just the right side of my face for approximately 6 minutes. The air is blown in circular movements all over one side of the face. It feels cold, but more like going for a walk on a breezy and cold winter’s day. You would not believe that the temperature can get down to -160C and it was not at all unpleasant. She then moved on to the left side of my face and repeated the process there. The results were good: my skin felt very smooth, my complexion was brightened, but most importantly for me the sagging of the skin around my mouth and jawline had improved. I also experienced a feeling of general wellbeing after the treatment. I would definitely recommend it for other women with mature skin and I would like to return for more Cryo sessions as I believe a course of treatments is recommended for optimum results.


“My first impression of Cryotherapy was “this is just another gimmick!” I didn’t realise how wrong I could be! My first session was 40 minutes and concentrated on the lower ab area which so many women wish they could get rid of, I had 20 minutes on each side, having been measured prior to the treatment. The treatment all be it cold was comfortable, painless and relaxing with Anne Marie (therapist) explaining the procedure as it went on, having finished I was then measured again and I was completely shocked with the results, after 40 minutes I had lost 5 inches!!! Honestly I couldn’t believe it! Try it – it really does work.

I have since had further treatments and again I am amazed at the results, I would recommend this to anyone who needs help with toning, firming and water retention without having to spend all their time in the gym, it’s great for busy mums and business people men and women alike.”


Cryotherapy… what can I say, revolutionary treatment for numerous uses, mine being inch loss! Following my course I lost a fantastic total of nine inches from my targeted area! Cold as you can expect, but comfortable and Anne Marie ensures the whole experience is both professional and enjoyable. Sara and Deborah, yet again, have a great product here, highly recommended!


For more information visit their website: www.cryotherapyuk.co.uk
You can also call them on 0330 111 4077 to book.
@CryotherapyUK | www.fb.com/cryotherapyuk

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