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DANNY SILK PERSONAL TAINING Talks About The Nutritional Advice From Grapefruits.    

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Grapefruit is probably the ‘Marmite’ of the fruit world. Tart and tangy with and slight sweetness about it. White, Red or Pink grapefruit, both come with or without seeds, my preference is ‘Pink Grapefruit’ as I find it is slightly sweeter. But it is something I swear by. I always have a fresh grapefruit every morning to start the day, apart from aiding in digestion it helps cleanse your mouth from bacteria. I remember being a kid and using a teaspoon to dig out the fruit on a morning before school, wearing half of it and getting some of it in my eyes…. But there are other ways.

There are so many benefits to grapefruit and here is a list of some of the benefits….

  • Rich in Vitamin C, which among other things helps support the immune system
  • Antioxidant Lycopene in Pink/red grapefruit
  • Limonoidsin Grapefruit promote optimal health
  • Lower cholesterol
  • may prevent Kidney stones
  • Potential protection against Colon Cancer
  • Grapefruit’s naringenin repairs DNA
  • Low in calories
  • Rich in vitamin A
  • Decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many more
  • Lower the risk of a stroke
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Hydrates
  • Helps, promotes healthy skin
  • Asthma prevention
  • Fiber content and higher acid content aid digestion

If you do not like the idea of eating grapefruit and struggle to eat it straight, here a few different ways to incorporate them into your diet.

  • Make a fruit salad, mix with different fruits to help mask the flavor
  • Add some to your salad for lunch or dinner. It works well with oranges and various nuts and dressed with balsamic vinegar
  • Blend make a drink and enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot summers day, or helping boost your immune system on a cold winter morning
  • Add into your yoghurt
  • Salmon Kebabs

As with any type of food Grapefruit comes with some health risks. Avoid eating grapefruit when taking certain medications as it has an enzyme-binding ability. People with kidney infections should also avoid. Too much potassium can be harmful if you suffer with kidney problems. If you are unsure always seek medical advise from your Doctor.

The best way to ensure you get all the benefits from a grapefruit is to prepare like the image below (in my opinion)…

I prefer to keep my grapefruit chilled for a more refreshing experience but the fruit will ripen better at room temperature.

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