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Design feature ideas for any local business

Before you open up your local business to the rest of the world, a bit of interior decoration will have to happen first. Of course, if you’ve purchased a new shop or building that’s in pristine condition, you might not need to change much at all – however, it’s a good idea to put your own individual stamp on a building if you’re going to be selling from it.

Some design tweaks might be more practical than aesthetic, however, it’s good to mock up a plan of what your dream shop would look like.

A subtle path

If you want to tell a story with your premises or want to grab people’s attention to one particular area first, then creating a subtle path through your shop can guide visitors towards where you want them to go. It can also stop awkward crowds and congestion, creating a much calmer atmosphere. Try and plan this idea out first – don’t just reassemble shelving and units to create an improvised route.

Sturdy flooring

If you know you will be acquiring a heavy footfall, or will constantly be receiving deliveries or tradespeople on a regular basis, then sturdy flooring could be a must-have. Flooring that’s robust has two benefits:

  • Its smoothness creates a contemporary and blank canvas to work with when inviting customers through to view your products.
  • It will be hard-wearing. If you have a heavy footfall or cumbersome products that may scratch or dent other floorings, then you will certainly have made an investment in a hard-wearing material.

Opting for robust but stylish materials such as polished concrete will create a look that’s elegant but ultimately stable for your business. Finding local concrete flooring contractors will help you achieve this safely and effectively.

The checkout sweet spot

Wherever you decide to put your check-out might come down to practical options, rather than ideals. However, it’s said that the sweet spot for a checkout it the front left corner. It’s said that this is where visitors end up rotating round to, and so it creates a natural finishing point for potential customers. Remember also to showcase some smaller items in and around your checkout. If you’re reluctant to constantly up-sell and bombard your customers, then just leave any small products as just a final thought for while they’re paying.

Display partitions

If you have products to sell consider using the shelves they’re on to partition up your shop into sections. This can easily be done by stacking or using free-standing shelving. This also creates an Aladdin’s Cave-style aspect to your shop. By putting dividers between each unique section, you leave visitors with the impression that there’s more to discover the further they go on.

When you’re designing the layout for your local business’ commercial premises, remember to be clever as well as creative. You not only want to pull people into your shop but also to keep them there. While these suggestions may be practical, you can put your own spin on each to create an interior that is unique to your shop.

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