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Feeling the Pinch? Here’s Some Tips for Coping with Rising Living Costs in Leeds


It’s no secret that Leeds is getting to be a pretty expensive place to live these days. Although still considerably cheaper than the capital and nearby Manchester, rent and transport costs are rising at their fastest rate in years, fueled partly by what has been termed as a “millennial exodus” from London. If you’re finding yourself with less money to play with at the end of the month, here are some savvy local tips for making your money go further.

Shop Around for Utilities


Energy costs are one of the biggest drains on UK bank balances at the moment. Water, gas, and electric rates in Leeds have all risen steadily over the course of the past decade, so finding savings in this area is absolutely key. The most effective way to do this is to shop around and to refuse to be saddled with whatever provider your landlord has placed you with. Use price comparison sites such as Money Supermarket to find the best deals for you, and make sure to tell your providers you’re planning on switching to see if you can squeeze a discount out of them.

Embrace “Freeganism”


Food costs are also on the rise, fueled largely by inflation. If you want to cut down the cost of your weekly shop, join the thousands of Leeds local who have embraced “freeganism”, also known as dumpster diving. You are entitled to hit up the big supermarkets to collect the often perfectly good food they throw out at the end of the day, to ensure your food costs are little to none. There is a thriving freeganism community in Leeds, so keep an eye out for the latest tips – whether that means eating ‘wonky’ food or paying as you feel.

Pay Less for Entertainment


Leeds is a very good city for fun, but that doesn’t mean your entertainment should break the bank. If you’re planning on going for drinks or to the cinema, make sure to man the online switchboards for the many, many local discounts that are offered at various establishments in Leeds. If you’re planning on staying at home, you can save there too. Say you’re doing some online gaming – make sure you do it for free or get the most bang for your buck. Current free gaming offers such as the no deposit casino from Betfair will enable you to spin your favourite slots up to 25 times without spending a single penny.

Start Cycling


The cost of an annual bus pass in Leeds has now jumped up to an eye-watering £600, with every single year in recent history experiencing a fare rise. If you’re physically able, the best thing you can do for your body and wallet is to invest in a bicycle and cut your transport costs down to zero. Sure, your legs may feel the burn from those brutal Leeds hills, but you’ll be grateful for the killer thighs and boosted bank balance you get in return for your suffering.

Leeds may still be an affordable city for most people, but that status is becoming increasingly threatened with every passing day. Make sure to follow these tips to avoid feeling the pinch from our current cost of living crisis.

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