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Fresher Food at Leeds Kirkgate Market

Most thoughts of food are focused on what we should give up in an effort to become healthier. However, this summer instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t eat; focus on what you can and should eat.

freash-food-2Lots of fresh food and produce should be the top of the list and if you think it’s expensive to buy fresh healthy foods then think again. You can grab your five a day from any one of the numerous market greengrocers, offering seasonal fruit and vegetables without breaking the bank. Why not take advantage of fantastic prices on the best cuts of meat from your usual Sunday roast, prime steaks and chicken breasts to mincemeat and sausages plus many more? What’s great is your butcher can weigh your meat for you and give you exactly the amount you need so you know nothing will go to waste.

freash-food-3If fish is more your thing then the market has a huge selection of fresh locally sourced fish and shellfish on offer. As well as your usual cod and salmon, each stall offers something different and once you have made your choice your fishmonger will be only too happy to fillet and skin it, all free of charge and will even offer you advice on how to cook it.
The market offers some of the finest foods in the city, freshly prepared just for you and we’re not talking about just British nosh. Along side the traditional stalls are some amazing international stalls where you can taste the kind of global foods you can only find in a city as diverse as Leeds. There is always something new to discover! If you’re thinking about buying your fresh produce to cook at home but are wondering where to eat more healthily at lunchtime then why not try some of the fantastic eateries within the market doing fresh sandwiches, wraps, juices and smoothies?

The traders are friendly and shopping for fresh produce in the market is not only great value for money but you are also guaranteed a very personable shopping experience. The shop and drop scheme also makes the market’s fresh food shopping more convenient for you. You can finish your shopping and then store your fresh items with the market until you’re ready to go home.

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