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FUNKYLOVE: Leeds’ Hottest Funky House Night

FUNKY LOVE: Leeds’ Hottest Funky House Night

We’ve met up with Mark Tillotson to find out all about it!

Hi Mark. Just for people that aren’t familiar with FunkyLove, could you tell us a bit about the concept and what it’s all about? What was the inspiration to set up FunkyLove?

Like many other clubbers, I was in Leeds most weekends between 2000 and around 2008 and that’s when I thought vocal funky house music was at its absolute best. I wanted to create a night which would play all the music I loved from back in that era!

My inspiration came from attending the early Hed Kandi nights when Mark Doyle was running them and I just loved everything about them! Very glamorous, amazing music and packed with the right clubber!

I also run another night in Manchester called Venus Classics which is Manchester’s longest running funky house night. I’ve been resident there now for six years and running the night for five years. We book some amazing funky house related guests so I suppose I wanted to bring a little Venus to Leeds, with a Hed Kandi feel.

I also donate regularly to charities and wanted to do something which helps the causes I support. So far, from money raised at FunkyLove, I’ve donated to St Gemma’s Hospice, Cash For Kids and Make A Wish Foundation.

Where can you attend the FunkyLove nights, and how often?

It’s at Duke Studios on Sheaf Street Leeds. It’s a cool little warehouse which holds about 300 people with a great bar and such a great team who actually love what we do. The owners and staff are brilliant! I’m currently hosting FunkyLove once every 3 months.

What sort of people should attend FunkyLove? Who is it aimed at? 

Well, it’s aimed at anyone who loves vocal funky house music! We have a small intimate crowd who love what we do and that’s all that matters. We do attract the more mature clubber as I feel the night is aimed at people from a particular clubbing era.

What are your plans for the future for FunkyLove? 

Well, I want to keep the night in Leeds as that was my original idea however I’m currently in talks with two major brands to host one off style Funkylove parties in Manchester, Dubai and Marbella, but that’s all I’m saying for now!

What do you think of the Leeds music scene at the moment, and how does FunkyLove fit into it?

I think the Leeds music scene at the moment is ace! People have so much to choose from so it’s brilliant. I feel FunkyLove is a little different because I’m actually booking the guest DJs, producers and artists who actually sing the songs that people remember from their pinnacle clubbing times.

Past guests have included Liva PAs from the amazing Lisa Millett and Soraya Vivian, guest DJs such as Mark Doyle, David Dunne, and Mr Stonebridge! All legendary guests with great experience, which to me is something very special.

Aside from the club scene, what else interests you? 

Buying Vinyl and trying to find hidden gems of tunes from like 10 to 15 years ago. When I’m not doing music related things, I’m actually a workshop engineer of a power generation company tinkering away with Diesel engines!

DJ’ing has always been a hobby, a passion and a love of mine; and thats how it will always stay, helping the charities along the way.

If you want to keep up with FunkyLove then check them out at www.funkylove.co.uk. You can attend their next FunkyLove event on Saturday 9th July at the Duke Studios in Leeds, LS10 1HD.  

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