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Having A Night In? We Don’t Blame You!


Honestly, going out these days is a bit of an effort. With winter quite literally on our doorstep, it’s getting colder and colder, and the idea of being up until the small hours, clutching a kebab at 3am, and dealing with snarky Uber drivers doesn’t seem that appealing, especially once you hit the grand old age of about 25. A night in doesn’t need to be boring, as there are plenty of things you can do with your partner or your mates to save money (and probably a little bit of dignity).

Get Takeaway, Obviously

A night in when you’re foregoing a night out still deserves some treats, and a takeaway ensures that you don’t have to bother with any of the cooking. These days, you’re not limited to one or two pizza places or the local Chinese, you’ve got an array of exciting cuisines, right on your doorstep. With places all over the city like Almost Famous, Sushi Waka and Red’s True BBQ coming straight to your door, is there really any need to leave your house… ever again? Nah.

… Or Have A Dinner Party

It’s all or nothing here. You either commit to laziness and order in (see point one), or you go all out and pretend you’re hosting your very own little “Come Dine With Me” style affair with your pals. There are loads of online recipes these days, so you can theme it however you like, whether you want the straight-up dinner party thing or just a bit of a pot-luck. Thai food, party food, vegan food, or just a little bit of everything, why not just make everyone bring along a dish and see who’s actually any good at being a chef?

Make It a Games Night

You do “Netflix and chill” every night, even if it quite literally is just you in your pyjamas and nothing else, so why not shake it up and do a games night instead? It doesn’t need to be anti-social, as there are plenty out there that’ll get everyone interested. Case in point? Everyone loves a bit of Mario Kart, don’t they? There’s also tonnes¬†of scope to use your phone and use party apps, too. If you want to take things old-school, you could even play board games instead. Sure, they take a bit more commitment and concentration, but get the wine flowing and you’ll soon be all caught up.

Get Creative

Everyone’s got a creative side, whether it’s pretty well developed, or actually kind of rubbish. Staying in with friends can lead to a lot of time on your hands, and although it’s tempting to just throw on a movie and drink, you could always be productive. Everyone loves music, so why not have a bit of a jam? Just don’t be that one guy who makes it all about himself and his really cringey love songs, okay?

We all go through phases where we’d rather go out, and then times where we’d rather stay in. To be honest, it’s totally up to you – the bars will always be there for you to head back out when you fancy it (or when money allows)!

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