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How I Went From Zero Energy To Vibrant Health

Hello again!

Apologies for my recent absence, it’s been a busy few weeks! But I’m back and this time armed with videos! On demand from my Facebook followers, I am recording more videos now in a question & answer format. So if you have any questions on health, wellbeing or general life questions, fire them over and I’ll record a video answering your question so that more people who may be in your position can benefit too!

After having a ‘Breakthrough’ Session with my client Meg yesterday, I wanted to share her question regarding a healthy diet with you. Following a purpose, focusing on your passion and wanting to achieve great success can often negatively impact our health if we don’t educate ourselves to know what works best for our own bodies. Without health, no success or freedom can ever be truly enjoyed. It can often feel easier to stay as we are, but nothing great was ever achieved with staying the same and being comfortable! Try new things, question the information you already have and instil new beliefs that you really believe with all of your heart!

Much love until next time
Abi x

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