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How Long Does Probate Last For?


How Long Does Probate Last For?

When someone that you care about passes away, one of the most pressing things that will need to be sorted out will be the execution of their will. This is a legal process that, given it only happens after a death, many people are unfamiliar with and have to struggle through. This struggle will only be intensified when there are complications with the document, causing it to go through a process known as probate.

If you have found yourself in this situation and are wondering how long it is going to take to get everything finally sorted out, then this article will give you a helping hand by providing you with the essential information you need in order better understand and move forward with the process.

Understanding the jargon

To begin with, you need to first understand the definition of probate before you can begin to get to grips with the process.

Essentially, probate refers to the deceased person’s will being taken to court to be verified and put into action. Not all wills will go into probate, but there are many reasons that could result in you having to engage in this process which will be unpicked below.

Reasons for probate

As someone who has little knowledge currently of the probate system, you will most likely be wondering, ‘why a will might need to go through probate’? There are several reasons for this including:

  • Assets are owned in the deceased name only- this means that there is no one named to inherit an asset and it needs to be taken to the courts to determine who should receive the asset.
  • If the deceased owed money (such as medical bills or other forms of debt) and hasn’t left a name, then the will needs to go into probate to determine who of the potential beneficiaries of the will are going to take on the financial burden.
  • The deceased didn’t have a last will andtestament- this is a scenario that is more common than you may think. If there is no will to be found, or no will was written in the first place, the estate and all of the assets that belonged to the person during their life will need to go through the courts to determine the correct beneficiaries.

The dependence on an expert

During the probate process, you will need to have a legal expert working with you to help you and your family navigate this difficult process. Visiting the-inheritance-experts.co.uk will help to put you in touch with the right people who specialize in this field and can help you to get the result you need.

The average probate period can last between six to nine months which is why it is of utmost importance that you get the highly qualified help of a professional in the field in order to make sure that the process doesn’t drag on unnecessarily.

Always remember that during the process of probate you are also dealing with your grief and you need to make time to breathe and let the legal professional shoulder the work.

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