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HSBC’s Leeds Branches Become Safe Places for Vulnerable People

To mark Learning Disability Week, five of  HSBC’s Leeds branches have signed up to Safe Places, a national scheme that provides local authorities with the ability to establish and maintain places that can offer a safe haven for vulnerable people across the UK.

HSBC branches that have officially become ‘Safe Places’ include Leeds City Office, Leeds Chapel Allerton, Leeds Crossgates, Morley and Leeds Horsforth. In order to show that they are prepared to help, the branches have placed stickers in their windows, marking the locations as safe havens.

Staff members across the branches are completing their Safe Places training, which is designed to enable them to assist vulnerable people in the community.

Vulnerable members of the community, including those with a learning disability or dementia will be able to seek support at the HSBC branches.

Andy Maisey, Regional Director, HSBC, said: “Our teams are very community spirited and are proud to be able to provide support to vulnerable members of the Leeds community when they need it the most.

“Vulnerable people can face a host of difficult circumstances when they are out and about – from suffering harassment to feeling lost. It is important for them to have a safe place to go to if they are distressed, or simply need help.

“Signing up to Safe Places makes official a natural course of action which is already taken by teams working in an HSBC branch. We are committed to exceptional customer service and that extends to members of our local communities.”

Vulnerable people can register with the Safe Places scheme. They receive a distinctive wristband together with a card on which they can write their name together with the telephone numbers of up to three people who can be contacted in an emergency.

In the event that a vulnerable person requires assistance, they look for a place displaying the window sticker and tell the staff at the ‘Safe Place’ that they need help. Staff will telephone one or more of the numbers listed on the card and ensure someone who knows the person is made aware they need support. Also, the Safe Places app, compatible with Android and iOS, can be downloaded for free on mobile phones to help locate a ‘Safe Place’.

For more visit their website.

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