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Interview: Leeds Singer Paul Stone

Leeds may not have the tour this year, but we’ve got the Yorkshire Anthem!

We caught up with proud Yorkshireman Paul Stone to find out about his new song ahead of the Tour De Yorkshire. Paul Stone will be performing You’ll Never Ride Alone at the beginning and end of each of the Tour De Yorkshire stages. 

Can you tell us a bit about your background in the music industry and how you’ve got to where you are today?  

I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember. Through school you could always find me in a music room when I was supposed to be in something like Physics! Then I moved on to Leeds College of Music, went into a big pond and met some fantastic musicians. I then set up a thing called ‘Stone and King’ with a guy called John and we went over to the dark side and went to Manchester! We also travelled to Nashville and had a bit of success in America. Since then I’ve always been in and out of the music industry.

I came back to Leeds College of Music and now I gig with some of the lecturers, people like Jim Corry! We now do a thing called The Modern Big Band and that’s my hobby, it’s something I adore and love. As a unit, we’ve done some fantastic gigs in London, America and all over the world; we’re all local lads, we’re all from Leeds and it’s just good craic really.

You’ve recently wrote a Yorkshire Anthem inspired by the Tour De Yorkshire, ‘You’ll Never Ride Alone’. Can you tell us about that?

The hook came to me first so I wrote some lyrics, recorded it on the piano and sent it to a friend of mine called James Wyllie and another friend called Giles Stanley. The great thing about these people is that, although they’re down in London, they have a northern approach; they’re very direct!
They told me it was a great song so I sent it to another loyal friend who produced my first album, Ali Staton, and we made the decision to produce it. It’s been recorded the old fashioned way with a group of 12 string players and a rhythm section. What I really want now is for the people of Yorkshire to listen to it and get behind it.

What does being a Yorkshireman mean to you?

I just see myself as a local lad! There’s a lyric in ‘You’ll Never Ride Alone’ that says ‘See the old man, say hello. Just watch his eyes and know, the smile is not for show.” and the meaning of that is, as a rule, Yorkshire people are always approachable and they always want to welcome you. There’s just a certain charm about Yorkshire people.

Where can our readers listen to ‘You’ll Never Ride Alone’ and find out more about you?

The single came out on the 14th April and you can listen to it on YouTube. If you head to www.themodernbigband.com then you can find out more about what we do there too.

You can purchase his new song here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/youll-never-ride-alone-single/id1227725099

You can also keep up to date with Paul on Facebook at ‘Paul Stone Music’ and on Twitter: @PaulStoneMusic

To read the full interview with Paul Stone, download the next issue of City Dweller Magazine when it goes live in May.

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