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Leeds Own: Interview With Jim Mason, Sports Massage Specialist


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with the health and fitness industry?

I’ve been working as a full time sports and deep tissue massage specialist for 10 years. Previous to this I worked in the fitness equipment industry after completing a degree in sports and human movement studies when I was younger.

What is your job and what does it entail?

I see a variety of clients, mostly people that are working in Leeds city centre, some are very active people (gym, cycling, running etc) and a lot of others just have very busy work and family lives so they value the type of treatment that myself and my colleagues can provide, to counter balance to this.

What are the benefits to your customers from one of your services?

If you have a busy lifestyle and/or a job that often involves sitting at a desk for long periods of time, you often feel tight and uncomfortable, (especially in your neck and back) and so the sports massage treatments we offer are the ideal way to release that muscle tension that builds up.

The Corelounge service is a form of therapeutic exercise that strengthens the muscles that support the spine and so this type of service is excellent for ongoing maintenance to help prevent the back aches and pains before they become problematic.

Can anyone have the treatment and how many would you recommend?

The treatments are suitable for most people, they involve manipulation of tight muscles so it can sometimes be quite an intense form of therapy, but it gives you maximum value for money.

What other services do you offer?

Other services offered- I have recently introduced the Corelounge service, this is a therapeutic exercise lounge that utilises some functional and very innovative exercise equipment to maintain the core muscles (trunk muscles) of your body, this is because I know through my work doing sports massage treatments that most back aches and pains originate from weakness and / or muscle imbalance through the Core muscles, and this is especially noticeable in people whose job involves sitting at a desk at work all day, which a lot of my clients do! So the aim with the Corelounge is to provide a 1:1 or small group therapeutic and restorative exercise session aimed at maintaining good core stability, and therefore reducing the likelihood of back problems. The Corelounge is a cool and quirky concept and the feedback is already very positive, so I plan to expand it to other clinics and wellness facilities in other cities as well as Leeds.

What do you do to relax?

I don’t get much time to relax, but when I do, it is a combination of some therapeutic exercise and gym work, but I also like to sample the various food and drink establishments that the city of Leeds has to offer!

If anyone is reading this and would be interested in following in your footsteps career wise. What advice would you give them?

If you are wanting to follow this type of career, getting your qualifications is just the beginning, it is a business that requires a lot a manual hard work (so you need to be up for it and fit for purpose!) and like most things in life, consistent good habits and persistence will help you grow a client base.

Anyone reading this wanting to book. What do they do next?

To arrange an appointment please book online here:


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