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How to keep your Leeds business premises secure!

How to keep your Leeds business premises secure!


Leeds is a hotbed of business growth at the moment – but more commercial activity comes with a greater risk of physical and cybercrime. Government research shows that while wholesale and retail businesses are the biggest victims of this type of crime, criminals are continually finding new ways to rob any kind of business owner of their hard-earned cash.

With this in mind, here are four vital steps you should take to keep your Leeds business out of the hands of criminals:

  1. Carry out a risk assessment

When taking steps to secure your premises, the first thing on your to-do list should be assessing risk – without knowing how your business is vulnerable, it’s unlikely you’ll know where to start.

  1. Ensure physical security

If your business premises is full of cash, stock, expensive equipment, you may need to reinforce all doors leading from the outside in, and fit window locks. To make access points even less vulnerable by installing closed circuit television (CCTV). Visible CCTV cameras and alarms also act as a proven deterrent.

If there any blind spots out of reach of the camera view, security mirrors could be a worthwhile purchase. If you’re not customer-facing, you can secure your premises completely from potential thieves with high-tech security gates that only authorised personnel can enter. Commercial security gates come in all shapes and sizes, but Leeds-based specialists like Portcullis Gates can build bespoke products to meet your exact needs.

  1. Protect yourself and your staff

If you have staff, it’s your legal duty to ensure each member of your team knows exactly what to do in the event of a serious threat to security. They should also have the training to spot suspicious behaviour. It’s always better to let intruders take cash or goods than to risk getting hurt (or even killed) trying to defend it. If you run a wholesale or retail business, it’s best to keep as little cash onsite and empty tills in regular intervals.

  1. Don’t forget about cyber crime

According to research from the Federation of Small Businesses, cyberattacks cost small businesses an average of £3000 between 2014 and 2016. As technology advances, more threats rear their ugly heads.

Did you know that cyber criminals can use everything from smartphones, to watches, TVs and even fitness trackers to hold businesses to ransom over sensitive information? Just think – if the NHS computer network was vulnerable to attack, so is your business.

How to guard against cyberattacks

Start by keeping sensitive data as private as possible. This means limiting the number of staff allowed to access certain files. Prevent staff from accessing the internet and make sure staff use secret, memorable passwords that no-one else can guess. It may be wise to forbid the use of mobile phones and tablets in the office. But if this isn’t possible (for example, if they need them for work), ask that all staff keep the software on their devices up to date.



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