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Launch of Leeds Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans* Women’s group

This month, Leeds women from across the community have come together in recognition of LGBT History Month, the international celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people.

Women of all ages who are lesbian, bisexual or transgender have a valuable contribution to make to the LGBT Community and we are making our presence known! That’s why the LGB&T* Community Hub supported the launch of our first networking event, allowing women to socialise and meet together in a supportive environment on Thursday 18th February.

I was personally very proud to be able to support this event as an ally, and would like to thank the support of Bar Fibre for the use of their Penthouse to host the gathering. LGBT-Hub-Logo

There’s a great deal of diversity within the LGB&T* community, and gender identity or sexuality is never the only defining characteristic – we need to ensure that we’re an inclusive and supportive community, providing a voice and opportunities for those LGB&T* who are also disabled, BME (Black, Minority Ethnic), Women, Bisexual, Trans*, living with mental health issues, and many other factors that makes us all unique and individual.

We need to ensure our city provides a safe space for all of our community, where racism, sexism, transphobia, biphobia and all other types of discrimination are challenged. We can only achieve this by working together to tackle some of the issues.

Eleanor Broadbent, committee member of Leeds City Council’s LGB&T* Staff Network said;
“It’s really encouraging to see that LBT women are enjoying a physical presence in the Leeds community and that our diversity is being recognised and celebrated, and our experiences listened to. Our contribution is valuable and we’re not going to tolerate the sexism, biphobia or transphobia that we often experience on the scene. We’re carving out a space for women to network, socialise and campaign together in Leeds and we’re excited to see where this can take us together with our allies in the city. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Leeds Pride and we want the contribution of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women to be bigger than ever.”

Hannah Wilson, community member who attended the event fed back;
“I attended the event as I am 100% behind developing a strong LB *T network in Leeds. As a business owner I believe there is strength in collaboration and I am passionate about supporting the success of this group”

The LGB&T* Community Hub will next meet on Tuesday 17th May 2016 and women are warmly encouraged to attend. Email LeedsLGBT@Leeds.gov.uk for information, or to register your interest for the Hub mailing list.

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