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Leeds E-Commerce in the Year Ahead: What Can We Expect?

What might the new year have in store for Leeds businesses which are hoping to adopt the latest enterprise e-commerce solutions?  This question is actually a bit more surprising than you might initially believe. Let’s forego with concerns regarding the looming Brexit or the status of the United Kingdom economy for a moment. This will provide us with a lucid picture of how the entire online retail industry is changing and perhaps more importantly, what this might mean for your business. 2019 could very well represent a very productive year if we know what to expect and what modifications will be taking place. Let us break this concept down into to discrete categories so that you can prepare yourself well in advance.

E-Commerce Solutions in 2019: All About an Intelligent Shopping Experience

Take a moment to think about when the concept of e-commerce first came into existence.  Many will argue that major online retail portals such as Amazon and eBay ushered in this era.  Of course, things have changed since the halcyon days of the mid-1990’s. We are now living within a world that is partially defined by the “smart” online shopping experience. Some of the parameters which serve to define this concept include:

– Numerous different payment gateways

– Immediate access to customer support services when required

– Enterprise-level solutions for growing businesses

– The ability to experience revenue increases of well over 100 per cent from a year-on-year perspective

– Automated options such as drop shipping and customised updates

These features are then combined with other amenities including (but not limited to) proactive pipeline management, bespoke APIs and fully personalised storefronts.  Not only will this translate to more efficient business transactions, but customer loyalty can be dramatically increased if such benefits are leveraged in the correct fashion.  This brings us to the second segment of the article.

What Steps Can Your Leeds Business Take in Advance?

The first step will naturally involve determining any areas that might need to be improved.  Were your levels of client engagement sufficient during the past 12 months? Which marketing campaigns failed to reach their mark?  What were the main complaints (if any) from clients?  Are there any retail-oriented areas that you would like to improve during the coming months?  Assuming that the answers to these and other questions have been determined, the next step is knowing what to look for in a great e-commerce platform.

First and foremost, the software should be able to be integrated into your existing system with little effort.  It is also important to address the concept of functionality. Is the platform able to be upgraded as may be necessary or has it adopted a “one-size-fits-all” approach?  What different types of pricing packages are available?  Will implementation involve a massive learning curve or is the system highly intuitive?

Try to discover the answers to these questions, as 2019 is just around the corner.  Adopting the right position from the very beginning is the best way to ensure success during the coming year.

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