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Leeds Creatives on Tour: Part Two

In the first part of its Creatives on Tour series, leading men’s fashion brand Farah embarked on its exploration of some of the most creative people and businesses in Leeds. As a champion of alternative culture, it is important to Farah that individuality is celebrated in a world where it’s sometimes difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Creativity can manifest itself in hundreds of ways. And in Leeds, it truly does. Hiding in the arcades that stray from the beaten track or residing in the structures of its Victorian past, Leeds is awash with creative minds, daring attitudes and busy hands.

In a bid to uncover those behind the city’s creative spirit, Farah headed up north to meet some of the individuals currently driving Leeds’ innovative surge towards a new and exciting future. From bohemian barbers to contemporary coffee shop owners, here are some of the city’s most creative people giving their view on one of our favourite towns.

You can watch a video on the project here.

Myke Greaves, King Koby’s Chop Shop

What is it?

A barbershop that, in their own words wants to ‘exist with purpose’.

What do you do?

“At King Koby I am a barber/stylist. I cut and style gents hair, I also trim, shape up and shave beards.”

Why Leeds?

“It’s just such an awesome city and it’s just going to grow and grow over the next few years – and I can’t wait to see what happens.”

Leeds in three words is: “It’s flipping awesome.”



Owen Brinley, Department M

What is it?

Established in 2012, Department M are a band.

What do you do?

“Our sound is impressionistic pop, I suppose – weird-dream hangover music. Sonically, a marriage of electronic experimentation and indie-rock.”

Why Leeds?

“There are other towns and cities in the UK but Leeds just has everything you need to be a musician.  As opposed to somewhere like London, where I suppose it’s a nightmare to find affordable space to make music or art in, Leeds has that in spades.”

Leeds in three words is:

(After minutes of deliberation) “That’s too difficult”


Chris Lambert, Tattooist, Snake and Tiger

What is it?

Established in 2015, the experienced tattooists pride themselves in their ability to adorn the highest-quality designs onto the skin of their loyal customers.

What do you do?

“I started tattooing 8 years ago. I initially did my apprentice at Ultimate Skin, I worked there for about 2 years. Finally I came back to Leeds to set up Snake and Tiger which is my tattoo shop in Thornton’s arcade.

Why Leeds?

My client basis at the end of the day, I think I have a really good client basis here with a lot of regulars. Business is good in Leeds for me anyhow. I like working with people from Leeds because I think that they know what they want, and they are willing to pay for quality, which is not what I have necessarily found at the other places I have worked. So the people of Leeds are good, and that’s what has brought me back.

How would you pitch the city to someone who is considering opening a business in Leeds?

There is a large turnover of students which means there are new people coming each year. That is one thing that I think has really helped Leeds’ economy. I think probably out of the major cities in the North, Leeds to me seems to be the one that is the most up and coming, compared to the other big three.





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