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Leeds Own: Dr. Nick Sinden

Showcasing some of the undiscovered talents and personalities that makes Leeds the great city we all love!

Here at City Dweller we’re getting quite a collection of talented and driven people for our ‘Leeds Own’ editorial, and this month there is no exception… Rachel gets to chat to Local GP and entrepreneur Dr Nick Sinden. Nick lets us know what he thinks of Leeds and gives us insight in to his Cosmetic and Beauty business.

Here at City Dweller we enjoy finding out about the people of Leeds and what they bring to the city. I recently met with GP, and entrepreneur, Dr Nick Sinden, where we chatted about the life of a doctor, our mutual love of Leeds, and most interestingly, his ethical cosmetic treatment business;

Dr Nick Sinden
Dr Nick Sinden

What brought you to Leeds?

I’m from Kent originally and came to Leeds in 1999 to study Medical Sciences at the University of Leeds. After my first degree, my ambition to be a doctor was strong and I continued my studies at Leeds Uni for another 5 years to become a doctor. I knew as soon as I came to Leeds that it was the city for me, I instantly loved it and find it is forever changing. I would never have wanted to live and study anywhere else!

How is life as a GP?

I have worked as a full-time GP in Leeds for the last 3 years. It is very worthwhile, as you are helping people every day. It can be quite intense at times, with great challenges, but I enjoy interacting with people and have a lot of job satisfaction.

What inspired you to get into cosmetic treatments?

I wanted to do something that was completely different from my day job, but still wanted to help people to improve their quality of life. Having undertaken additional training in cosmetic treatments and now at an advanced level, I enjoy helping people achieve their goals of looking more youthful. I have been doing facial rejuvenation treatments for the last couple of years and I find it extremely rewarding. It was definitely a good move for me.

What treatments do you do?

I offer a variety of treatments such as Botox™ – bespoke brow lifts, softening forehead and frown lines and crow’s feet. Dermal filler treatments put the volume back in our face that we lose as we age – cheek enhancement, nose to mouth smile lines, downturned mouth corners, and lip fillers for volume and definition. The Liquid Face Lift is very popular! I also offer natural collagen rejuvenation therapy using Genuine Dermaroller™. Each treatment is as unique as each client, it all depends on their needs and expectations. I focus on subtle enhancement to tackle those problem areas and, importantly, maintain a natural look.

How do the treatments work?

With Botox™ we can relax the muscles of the face to smooth and soften what I like to call ‘the lines of time’. The fillers help to plump out loss of volume in the face and lips and both of these treatments are done by injections. Botox™ tends to last 3-4 months and fillers can last up to a year. Neither have any lasting effect and so leave you with the freedom of choice to have it again or not. Dermaroller is becoming increasingly popular and is hot with celebrities (it is one of Angelina Jolie’s secrets). It is a medical procedure which penetrates the skin to regenerate its natural collagen – this is great for ageing, acne scars and pigmentation. These treatments have really boosted the confidence of my clients.

Who does your client base tend to be?

I have a complete mix of clients, they range from 25-65 years of age and are both male and female. Some people tend to think that cosmetic treatments are aimed at females but that’s not the case. I have many male clients, and at the end of the day it is about building confidence in people regardless of gender or age.

What differences have you seen in your clients since their initial consultations?

When I first meet with a client they can sometimes appear nervous and/or guarded, but by the end of the process their confidence has improved and they come back as a friend. I think it’s important for clients to know that they are under no obligation to have any treatment that they feel is not right for them. My consultations are free and it is all about the changes they want to make and what would help them to be happier in their own skin. There is also the physical difference in their appearance. I do not do any treatment that will make anyone appear fake – I focus on subtle changes, smoothing out those lines or plumping those problem areas. It’s more that ‘just back off holiday’ look; refreshed and rejuvenated.

What advice would you give anyone considering cosmetic treatment?

I would advise them to make sure that you are confident with the practitioner that you go with, do not feel obliged to do anything you don’t want to. The fact that I am a doctor gives me extensive experience to be able to do the treatments with complete confidence. At the end of the day, Botox™ is a prescribed medication and therefore it only makes sense for it to be administered by a doctor. People considering treatment should have all their questions answered before making their decision.

When you are not GP’ing or doing cosmetic treatments what do you like to do in Leeds?

I really enjoy eating out, which is another reason I love Leeds. You literally have every cuisine on your doorstep. I recently went to Zaap, the new Thai street food place, which was fantastic. I also love Crafthouse and am excited to try The Man Behind The Curtain; I’ve heard the food is stunning!

How would you describe Leeds as a city?

As you know I am a big fan of Leeds. It has so many great places to eat, drink, and shop, and all in such close proximity. There is something about the Leeds vibe that has kept me here, the people are so friendly and the centre has so much crammed into it. I’d like to think I am an honorary Yorkshire man now, having been here so long!

If you are interested in any of Dr Nick’s treatments or even just want any questions answered, visit his website at
or email him directly on

His free consultations are available by appointment only. He consults throughout Yorkshire but has a shiny, new clinic in Leeds City Centre with free parking and I must say his treatments are surprisingly affordable.

Thank you Nick for meeting with me and for opening my eyes into the ethical side of cosmetic treatments, that’s food for thought!

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