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Leeds people don’t think they’re adults until 34! Here’s 30 signs you aren’t ready to be one yet!

Modern adults in Leeds do not consider themselves an adult until they have reached the age of 34, it has been revealed.

Researchers polled almost 2,000 Brits over the age of 30 – and revealed that in the 1940s and 50s – respondents in Leeds considered the adult age to be much younger at just 25.

According to the poll, today’s generation are more reluctant to grow up than their parents ever were, with a staggering 73 percent admitting they struggle with ‘adulting’ and still act as if they were in their teens or early twenties.

The study also revealed a host of behaviours which Leeds residents in their thirties, forties and even fifties deem acceptable, including bingeing all weekend on box sets, relying on parents for DIY and gardening assistance and having a kebab after a night out.

And a quarter of those living in Leeds said that they would also never give up their heels and wear sensible shoes, the third highest number out of all UK cities polled.

Other signs you are a ‘kidult’ (an adult yet to grow up) include staying up all night playing computer games, wearing band t-shirts, getting tattoos, owning novelty phone cases and raiding the sweetie cupboard.

Listening to Radio 1, attending stag and hen dos abroad and watching reality shows like TOWIE and Made in Chelsea were also on the list.

The poll by Tangerine Confectionery, makers of Sweet Champions sweets, found two thirds of Brits over the age of thirty admit they are guilty of acting as if they are still in their teens and early twenties, with nearly half of those surveyed saying the most grown up thing they have done is get a mortgage, write a will or reviewed their pension arrangements.

Not surprisingly then – nearly half of Leeds residents say they are sometimes guilty of acting younger than they are.

Which is no wonder, when over a quarter of people think that knowing the bin day as a sign of ’adulting’ – and more than 18% felt that hosting a dinner party was grown-up!

And it seems the sexes are divided when it comes to adulting. 42% of women polled plan on continuing to raid the sweetie cupboard well into adulthood, showing that women are more likely to embrace their inner child for longer than men.

80s children’s TV presenter Timmy Mallet said: “Brits are getting married later in life and having children in their thirties and forties, suggesting that we are a nation who likes to stay younger for longer!

“Not considering yourself an adult until the age of 33 probably does seem old to previous generations. And we all know that getting a mortgage is harder than it ever has been, so it makes sense that these days, this is a major sign of ‘growing up’.

“It’s hilarious to see from the research what is considered grown-up in 2016.  There is nothing wrong with being young at heart and if adults want to ride skateboards and wear ripped jeans then so be it – you only live once.”

Having your own advent calendar and hunting for Christmas presents were also on the list of things that adults NEVER want to stop.
As were playing air guitar to your favourite rock song and building sandcastles.

A quarter of those studied said no matter how old they got they would never listen to Radio 4 and nearly one in five refuse to ever watch the Antiques Roadshow.

A spokesperson for Tangerine Confectionery added: ‘As manufacturers of some of the nation’s best-loved confectionery brands, the research didn’t surprise us – we knew there were lots of kidults out there secretly buying sweets or raiding the sweetie cupboard when children were not around.

‘This research proves that a fizzy Sherbet Fountain or Dip Dab are just as appealing to us as adults as they were when we were young!’

1.       Watch whole box-sets in a weekend
2.       Have recently got a tattoo
3.       Have set up a WhatsApp group with your friends
4.       Used a snapchat selfie filter on your profile pic
5.       Listen to Radio One
6.       Voted for someone on the X Factor
7.       Have gone to a music festival
8.       Have bought a must-have pair of trainers
9.       Regularly raid the sweetie cupboard for treats
10.   Have ridden a scooter to work / on the school run
11.   Owned a novelty phone case
12.   Queued for a new iPhone
13.   Downed a pint in one
14.   Worn skinny jeans
15.   Used a selfie stick
16.   Love eating a Sherbet Fountain or Dip Dab
17.   Worn a band t-shirt
18.   Worn ripped jeans
19.   Gone abroad on a stag or hen do
20.   Edited social media photos to make you look younger / more attractive
21.   Bought a pet rather than have a baby
22.   Dumped a partner because you weren’t ready for “anything serious”
23.   Use nicknames for all your friends
24.   Let your parents do your washing, housework, DIY or gardening
25.   Asked your parents to borrow money
26.   Watched shows like TOWIE / Made in Chelsea / Ex on the beach / Love Island / Kardashians
27.   Have gone straight to work after a night out
28.   Stayed up all night playing computer games
29.   Worn fancy dress for Halloween
30.   Dyed your hair a crazy colour

Tangerine Confectionery, makers of Sweet Champions sweets, is running a competition to give away a year’s supply of its sweets to the nation’s biggest kidult. To enter, post a snap of your ultimate ‘kidult moment’ on social media using #SweetChampionsDoneAdulting

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