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Well I seemed to have blinked and it is February already. However I have had the chance to meet some Leeds sporting celebrities whilst they were taking part in a more practical training session with One You Leeds!

One You Leeds offers Cook Well courses for the general public, taking place at the Ministry of Food in Leeds Market.

First up was the GURU of health and nutrition Tom Geeson-Brown.

Great to meet you Tom, can you explain a little bit about what your role is with the Leeds Rhinos?

So I am the club’s First Team Nutritionist, so in charge of all provisions of nutrition to the players. For example sorting out their supplements, individual analysis including body composition and anything else that falls into the nutritional bracket. We are lucky to have an academy nutritionist so when the players are in the academy they tend to get the basics at that point. They get a good understanding of healthy eating and balanced diets so basically make sure they are eating the right thing. Then when they move into the first team they already have a grasp of what’s right and a good understanding of nutrition. This allows me to work with them to get to the nitty gritty of sports nutrition.

How long have you been working with the Rhinos?

I have been working with the Rhinos for over a year and a half now.

What is your favourite sport or fitness hobby?
I myself play a lot of Cricket. I used to play Rugby, Football, general Gyming, Cycling and anything that keeps me active.

One piece of advise for our readers…

Don’t negate the impact nutrition can have on your life style, sporting goals and general health. Never underestimate the importance of nutrition.

Such a pleasure chatting to Tom, he has such a wealth of knowledge and obvious passion for health and nutrition. Now onto the players…

Firstly I got to chat to Ashton Golding who plays full back for Leeds Rhinos.

Why is attending this course beneficial for you?

I have just moved into my own home and it’s really important I can cook healthy meals for myself.

What have you made so far?

Last week we made a vegetarian chilly which was really nice.

How long have you been playing rugby?
I have been playing for Leeds Rhinos first team for 4 years, but been playing since I was 10 years old. There was a point in time where I had a choice playing Football or Rugby, but I enjoyed Rugby more so I chose rugby.

Who was your childhood idol?

My granddad! I still remember when we used to throw the ball around in the back garden and that just spurred me on.

Probably representing my country at international academy level 2 years ago and this year representing Jamaica, which was also a proud moment from the heritage side. My granddad was very proud of that. I am part of the Leeds Rhinos Foundation where we spearhead the growth of the aspiring champions at Leeds Rhinos. We go actively round Leeds, we’ve got some great staff in the foundation and seek the children who want to learn about healthy active lifestyles and we will bring them into the Try Zone education centre. This is where we hold classes to discuss goals in life like what they want to do’, how to overcome diversity, how to cook, what’s right to eat and when to eat it. I don’t have a perfect diet always but things like this have helped me achieve the diet I am required and that I need to help me perform on the pitch.

What’s your one piece of advice for a up and coming athlete?

I am a great believer in smiling! If you don’t enjoy what you are doing there is no point doing it. As a young aspiring athlete you have got to be ambitious, never sell yourself short. Always aim for the top and if you don’t reach it you keep striving.

I then had a chance to chat to new comer Nathaniel Peteru, who just came over from the Gold Coast, Australia. Signing from the Gold Coast Titans . Originally from New Zealand, he’s been in Leeds a couple of months, feeling the cold but very much so liking the city so far!

How long have you been playing rugby?

Since I was about 13 / 14 years old. I was a Basketball player originally but everyone plays rugby in New Zealand so I changed my focus and have not looked back since.

What made you come over to Leeds?

For me it was a career move. I wanted to test myself over here as well, and obviously take up the opportunity to play the competition here in the UK as I’ve been playing for a while in Australia and New Zealand, I wanted to experience it here as well. It’s different to what I am used to. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Who inspired you to get into rugby?
For me it was my mates at school, so they introduced me to it and just went from there.

What advice would you give to someone getting into sport?

Be consistent. Not just with sport for me, I try to be consistent with everything I do in life. If you get A and B right in your life then C tends to fall into place. So all in all, get out there, get active and look after yourself.

The cooking course the Rhinos were taking is provided by One You Leeds. Local residents can access the Cook Well service for as little as £2 per class by visiting oneyouleeds.co.uk One You Leeds is a healthy lifestyle service funded by the Council. Cook Well is run in conjunction with Jamie’s Ministry of Food and Zest.

Keep Smiling, Tx

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