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Can you tell us a bit about you and your job?

I’m Catherine 30 years old, and I live in the Bramley area of Leeds with my husband Jason and our son Archiebald 8.

My day job is working as a an Administrator at a Security Company, as well as working as a First Aid responder at various Events. However my evening obsession is slightly different as I (along with my son Archie and sister Jennifer) am a self con- fessed Harry Potter and Disney fanatic!!

In my spare time I regularly spend time, along with Archie, creating various master pieces for my Harry Potter staircase creation, which begins as Diagon Alley and turns into Hogwarts as you approach the top. If I am not adding Harry Potter pieces to my collection or shopping online for them, I may be managing my Disneyland Paris Tips and Fan page Facebook page which I have over 8,000 followers on, who all follow my Disneyland Paris obsession! Archie and I along with my sister Jennifer all have annual passes to Disney- land Paris so visit very often!

When did you first get into Harry Potter?

Every since the first Harry Pot- ter movie – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone- was released in 2001 I fell in love! I loved the whole magical world! However my obsession started when we moved into our house in Bramley.

I annually visit Keswick in the Lake District. One year I visited along with my family (Jason, Ar- chie, Mum Dad and sister), and to my amazement a new shop had started stocking the whole Harry Potter collection, I knew I simply MUST get something (i.e. everything!). After buying a love- ly little Platform 9 3/4 plaque

I then had the discussion with my husband Jason as to where I could mount the said plaque, after some deliberation we com- promised and I was “given” the staircase as it was just an empty space, little did he imagine at this point what the empty space would be turned into!

How did you go about design- ing the Harry Potter theme?

After putting up the plaque we had a holiday to Orlando which is where I found the Wizard- ing World of Harry Potter at universal Studios and Island of Adventure. It blew my mind, and i’m sure that I teared up at certain points just on the basis of how amazing it was.

I think it was at this point the idea came to me, and my hus- band just sort of gave up and let me go wild in the shops over there! Shortly after returning I visited the shop in Keswick again and just built and built the collection.

I knew I wanted the basic of Diagon Alley with Brick Work, but it honestly is all just to-
tally spontaneous and I just get everything that I see that takes my eye that has anything to do with Harry Potter and now even Fantastic Beasts!!! I also love to make my own creations that have the magical world feeling to them, such as my Dobby’s Sock Drawer, and all of my light- ing that is placed in just the right place to make my Staircase as magical as possible.

If you could invite Harry to din- ner which other guests would you invite and why?

Obviously Archie is I would want him to experience the magical moment with me! I would also invite Bellatrix La Strange as she is my favourite character and I love to cosplay as her at various events! I also feel that her and Harry have a lot of unfinished business they need to discuss! I would also invite Emma Watson as Belle is my favourite Disney character and I feel I could get a buy one get one free deal as she could cross play both Belle and Hermione!!! I do love a good money saving coupon.

Tell us about your design and any tips to anyone else wanting to do similar idea?

The design of my staircase is Diagon Alley , which is pre- dominantly on the right, the left hand side is more Knockturn Alleyn themed with Harry Potter wanted posters and street sig- nage. As you approach the top of the stairs you begin to enter Hogwarts, complete with house banners, house bunting and even the flying keys suspended nicely from the ceiling (another DIY project of mine!)

This is where you also find my display cabinet which currently houses various Harry Potter miniatures as well as my work- ing Monster Book of Spells, although shortly I will be having a re-arrange as I would like to begin my official collection of Magical Creatures, which is small, numbered figures of all characters.

Tips I would give any body that would also like to add a touch of Harry Potter whether it be big
or small is don’t be afraid to also make things. As much as I love all of my official collection, a lot of the atmosphere is created from my DIY Harry Potter prod- ucts! Also everybody has to start somewhere, so start collecting today – you wont regret it!

My dad always taught me its good to be different and I think this showcases just that! I am very proud of being this way and of my collection!

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