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Lovely Leeds!

Ricky Lee Baxter on Lovely Leeds

I have lived in Leeds for the past 2 years. I came for a new way of life, love, career, and most of all… a break from the hustle and bustle of London. I grew tired of the constant pushing and shoving from my fellow Londoners, and disliked the experience of always being crammed into tubes like rats.

Ricky Lee Baxter
Ricky Lee Baxter

Leeds was a breath of fresh air for myself and many others who escaped the clutches of the London-life. For the first time in years, I was able to breathe (fresh air) and take things easy. Everything was easy to get to. Supermarkets was only a stones throw away. Over time I got used to the slow-paced world of the north, and tried to become an inhabitant of Yorkshire. I loved the way the ladies from Gregg’s bakery smiled and stopped a chat, while getting my chicken pasty. I loved the somewhat community feel of doing similar things and going to the same places. It all became a content routine.

However – over time things changed, and the city boy in me was not content with the life I had thought was one I could get used to. I grew tired of seeing the same faces, day in, day out. I became frustrated with the slow-paced life, and all in all, was not content with routine. The individualism in me couldn’t take it. The big smoke called me back!

However I now have found another home – one that I can return to, should I tire of the big smoke.

Lovely Leeds!


Ricky Lee Baxter might have a familiar face if you have visited Trinity Leeds as he workg in their customer service lounge. Often handing out your favourite City Dweller magazine to visitors! Ricky is an avid blogger and you can view his blog here.

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