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Meeting The People of the Markets

As you take a wander inside one of the city’s most iconic buildings don’t be surprised to see the amazing architecture of a Grade 1 listed building, an eclectic range of shops, cafes and food stalls, and bursting at the seams with people.

Take a moment to listen to the sounds of the market with its infamous traders and their loveable banter, shouting out the deals of the day and bartering with customers. This is a shopping experience you simply don’t get anywhere else!

Every day, hear Jamie from Ramsdens, Cliff and Michelle from Haye’s and Liam from Tarbett’s all shouting out their catches of the day and recommending some of the finest quality seafood from around the world. Neil’s greengrocer bagging up fruit and veg, chatting to customers and shouting out his daily deals and of course behind every good market is a good butcher.

And Kirkgate has more quality butchers that most supermarkets would be envious of. One of the most noisiest and popular stalls in the market is Malcolm Michaels, providing people across Leeds with locally sourced meat. They will modestly say they don’t offer anything different to other butchers but with 15 different varieties of sausages their down to earth approach and superb quality it’s this that keeps the customers coming. And where else can you get halal chickens or goat for your caribbean curry.

But it’s not just these traditional traders that give the market life. Discover hidden gems such as Kada (pictured above) serving up delicious delights from Café Moor. Gregor at Teapot will serve you up a good cup of tea or coffee and make your day as bright as some of their fruit teas. Wasim from Intrigue and John at Pocket Friendly Fashions might not have all the glitz and glamour of the high street stores but they certainly try to keep their fingers on the pulse when it comes to grabbing a fashion bargain or two.

Home to some of the most characterful traders in the city they are all very passionate and enthusiastic about what they sell. The traders will chat with you, ask about your day and probably remember you if you visit again, it is this down to earth approach that’s helped build a strong and loyal customer base.

There is a real buzz to the atmosphere at the markets and many a person will say it’s like a family and has a real community feel, but one thing is for sure, Leeds Kirkgate Market is a unique shopping experience and an invigorating place to visit.

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