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Neal and Wolf. When you’re in your mid-to-late thirties you seem to reach a point of knowing who you are, what you are about, what your style is, and how you like your hair and makeup. I’m no exception to this rule apart from I do like to experiment with new haircare products every once in a while.

I was introduced to the Neal and Wolf collection back in early 2012 and I’ve never looked back, there’s plenty to choose from for all hair types, and it’s a luxury product that I now can’t live without!

As each product states on it’s packaging ‘Neal and Wolf, Indulgence Refined’.

There are only 2 of the Neal and Wolf range that I haven’t yet tried, but I will, as it’s all a matter of wanton desire for my hair!

Ritual – Daily Cleansing Shampoo

Neal and Wolf Harmony
Neal and Wolf Harmony

This smooth and silky shampoo is stuff my hair dreams of every night. I must admit to occasionally using it twice a day just for the sheer pleasure, but quite often I will only use it 3 times a week rather than daily as it does leave my hair feeling clean for a couple of days at a time.

An infusion of silk and milk proteins combine to boost vital moisture and reduce flyaway hair. Liquid shea extract delivers brilliant shine. The result? Luxurious, easy-to-manage, radiant locks.

250ml is £11.50 available online at www.nealandwolf.com

Ritual – Daily Conditioner

Neal and Wolf Ritual
Neal and Wolf Ritual

I personally feel that this conditioner is incredibly rich as it gives my hair the healthy vitality needed after years of colouring and highlighting. I only use a very small amount, even though my hair is long. The quality of the conditioner means that I don’t need to use loads each and every wash.

Ritual is a weightless conditioner that instantly detangles, leaving hair wonderfully smooth and ready for styling.

Priced at £12.50 for 200ml, available as above.

Harmony – Intensive Care Treatment

I have only needed to buy 2 Harmony Intensive Care Treatments in the past 18 months, they last me an average of 9 months per treatment. Perfect for my hair, which is crying out for a lot of extra help towards the end of winter and in preparation for the summer months.

Harmony has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation. The difference in texture and appearance is truly stunning, leaving hair shiny, healthy and manageable.

Priced at £13.50 for 200ml – available from the Neal and Wolf website.

Elevate – Volumising Lotion, Guard – Heat Protection, and Glow – Super Shine Spray

Neal and Wolf Glow
Neal and Wolf Glow

These 3 Neal and Wolf products are my current daily hair routine. I don’t leave the house without using at least 2 every day. Elevate gives me the extra boost I need to produce a healthy lift and bounce, Guard is used prior to any blow-drying and I use it religiously, and Glow is my first choice finishing spray.

Together these products have given me a confidence in my hair. If my hair feels healthy, vibrant, full of life, and shiny then I couldn’t be happier.

Elevate is £12.50 for 200ml, Guard is £11.50 for 150ml, and Glow is £12.50 for 100ml. www.nealandwolf.com to find out more.

Shape & Fix

The 2 products that I haven’t yet tried from the Neal and Wolf range are Shape – Pliable Paste, and Fix – Hold & Shine Spray. But as mentioned earlier I will try both, I promise!

I’m typing this blog whilst enjoying the Neal and Wolf Indulgence Scented Candle, which boasts the same scent as all the Neil & Wolf range of haircare products.

It bursts with mandarin and orange blossom until it melts to floral aromas of lily, ylang-ylang and orchid… true indulgence. Indulgence Candle is priced at £17.95 and burns for up to 45 hours.

Neal and Wolf Scented Candle
Neal and Wolf Scented Candle

Ciao for now

Rachel McAlley
@LadyRach on Twitter

Neal and Wolf
Neal and Wolf

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