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Need Some Gymspiration?

simon-before-1With summer just around the corner we’ve been catching up with Simon Henson, one of our members at the club, to hear how he has achieved his fitness goals.

I joined the club in 2009 when I moved from York to Leeds. I wanted a decent city centre gym in which to start my fitness journey. I’ve always worked steadily towards my fitness goals and led a pretty healthy lifestyle. However, I personally felt that I wasn’t in good shape despite what other people said to me. I knew where I wanted to be physique wise and was prepared to work hard to achieve it. The first thing that struck me about the Virgin Active – Leeds Light was the sense of community that was evident from both the Virgin team and the clients alike.

The advice came thick and fast and 6 years later I find myself in the great position of now being able to pass on my advice to others. I realised early on in my journey that I wasn’t going to achieve my goals within weeks but that it would take time; and together with sound advice and determination I knew, I could achieve my goals.

simon-after-2Once I’d gained the required muscle it was a case of addressing my diet to help cut and shape my muscle; introducing a little more cardio into my routine, again the gym were on hand to help.

Over the last few years my job has seen me travelling all over the country, but thanks to the Virgin multi-club access scheme I have still been able to use other Virgin Active clubs. It’s refreshing to witness the same friendliness and professionalism in many of the Virgin clubs as this is something I value highly.

I now have a body which, although not perfect, is pretty close to the one I wanted at the start of my journey. I’m a massive fan of raising the bar and always looking to improve and I wouldn’t want life any other way.

My advice to anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals would be to get guidance right from the start. Pay the money and get yourself a decent Personal Trainer; It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make. It’s fine to trawl social media for hints and tips but they are not aimed at the individual, they are aimed at a mass readership. It’s all too easy to loose confidence in yourself by comparing yourself with the physiques of the fitness experts you see online. DON’T compare yourself with them; yes they may be further ahead in their journey than you are but at the end of the day the race is only against yourself. If you’re serious about training; get the right tailored advice and guidance then welcome success with open arms.

Going to the gym should be as regular as brushing your teeth or going out for lunch. Build it into your lifestyle and enjoy it. By setting goals which are achievable you will be encouraged to carry on and stretch yourself that little bit further each time. I can honestly say that on both a personal and professional level my life has been enhanced since I first joined the club.

Congratulations to Simon!

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