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Primal Personal Training

City Dweller and socialite, Rachel Flynn meets James & Zoe to find out how they are getting on with their personal trainers at Primal Gym.

It has been a couple of months since my first visit to Primal Gym and I can honestly say I have never looked back. Their new approach to fitness has a personal touch that adapts to individual needs and makes working out fun whilst getting the results.

Since I started my training at Primal I have seen evident changes to my body and fitness level, I have lost inches off my waist and hips, and can knock out quite a few more press-ups than I used to. These differences have given me the hunger to take things to the next level and therefore had me thinking it’s time to get a Personal Trainer. With this in mind I caught up with a couple of Primal Clients who are already on their Personal Training journeys to hear exactly how it has worked for them.

Client 1: James Gill, Aged 30, works for William Hill, Personal Trainer: Megan Lewins

Why did you join Primal Gym?
I joined Primal in January after two friends recommended it to me. I have never been a member of a gym before and decided it was time to get into to shape, I wanted to build my confidence too.

What was your first impression?
I instantly found Primal a friendly place which helped me not to feel conscious even though I was new to working out, from doing my initial consultation I realised how thorough they were and how genuine everyone was in wanting to help you improve.

What made you sign up for Personal Training?

Primal Gym
Primal Gym

Primal assess every client every three months in order to measure their progress. In my first consultation I really struggled and could barely do a press-up. I attended a Core class which I found extremely hard. I saw these as indicators to sign up for personal training so by the time it came to my second consultation I was all set to start training with Megan.

What do you do get as part of the Personal Training Package?
Well with my package I train once a week with Megan where she puts me through my paces doing weights, cardio and working on my mobility. I also have a set training plan that alternates weekly and have the nutritional plan which has totally changed my mindset towards food, Megan couldn’t believe I was drinking a bottle of fizzy pop a day, and looking back neither can I.

What changes have you seen since starting your personal training?
I am now into the second 3 month cycle of my training and the difference in how I feel is unbelievable. I never used to have any strength in my legs and could barely do a press-up, now my movement and balance in everyday activities has improved so much and I can do countless press-ups. I have made physical changes in my appearance and have a completely new diet. Before starting my nutritional plan I used to eat junk food, dairy and bread and didn’t think twice about it, I now focus on eating vegetables and proteins and although I do have a cheat day my body never craves junk food. I also feel like I know what to do in the gym, how to use the equipment and how far I can push myself, my confidence has grown and I feel a lot more comfortable with myself.

Primal Gym
Primal Gym

What advice would you give anyone considering joining Primal?
I’d say that no matter what a person’s ability they should never be afraid to join. Everyone is new to something at some point, do not be ashamed. You need to stick at it and you will see change. The staff and other clients at Primal are friendly and you truly feel supported, I look at is as a community and genuinely feel the urge to go. Primal isn’t one of those gyms where people stare at themselves in the mirror. The classes and activities are loads of fun, it’s AWESOME!

Client 2: Zoe Bridge, aged 37, Management Accountant at NHS Confederation, Personal Trainer: Oliver Worrell

What inspired you to join Primal?
When I joined Primal in January I was actually really content with my current gym, I had been training there a long time and wasn’t thinking about changing. Ollie was my PT at my old gym and although he moved to Primal I was staying put. However out of curiosity I checked Primal out and liked what I saw so decided to make the switch.

What do you like about Primal?
The equipment at Primal is fantastic, they have the best of everything and there is plenty of it to go around. The knowledge of every member of staff is great, they know how to expertly advise, they are friendly but also push you. I find Primal a welcoming gym and get on well with other clients in classes, I have recently taken up Power Lifting and everyone is so supportive of each other.

What has been the focus of your personal training?
My overall focus was to work towards my wedding which is coming up, however as fitness has always been a part of my routine my goals are more tailored towards physical achievements. I aim to increase the weight that I can lift and generally want to be the best that I can be, initially I also wanted to know I was using the gym correctly. Having a trainer also means that you will be pushed to the max which is what I want.

What benefits do you see from having a trainer?
There are the obviously physical benefits, I am a lot stronger than I used to be and my fitness levels have improved. The programmes that come with having a PT are well structured and keep your workouts on track. I train with Ollie once a week, then have 3 set programmes to do and take part in 2 classes. Each training plan is catered to your own needs and a new one is set monthly so you never feel as though you are doing the same thing day after day. I think having a trainer keeps you committed, they make training fun and also give you that drive to not let them down.

I am now at the start of my personal training journey at Primal and can’t wait to start seeing the results. I am certain Ollie is going to work me hard and I am excited to see what I can achieve. To keep updated on my Primal PT progress keep an eye out for my blog!

Thank-you James and Zoe for sharing your experiences, see you down there!

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