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Rachel Reviews Primal Gym

City Dweller and socialite, Rachel Flynn checks out Primal Gym to sample their diverse range of enjoyable workouts.

Are you into fitness? Or maybe you want to get fit but the sight of a treadmill fills you with dread! Well whatever your motives there is a new gym in town that has a personal touch to meet everyone’s needs.

Primal Gym is a new approach to fitness, one that is focused entirely on you enjoying your workout and achieving the results you want. Being a regular gym goer I revel in finding new ways to exercise so I couldn’t wait to head down to see what Primal had to offer.

Situated at Leeds Dock Primal Gym is neatly tucked away on The Boulevard, it may look like a small package from the outside but don’t be deluded, the two floors (with built in running tracks) offer ample areas for a range of workouts.

Primal-Gym-1On entering I was met by a personal trainer who was keen to give me a guided tour. My first impression was that this gym is basically a playground for adults, the extent of the equipment is unreal. Alongside your standard weights, medicine balls, and kettlebells, there are also bungee ropes, monkey bars, Olympic weight lifting frames, a boxing ring, and a sauna, to name a few. In Primal’s eye treadmills are a thing of the past, they propose alternative ways to exercise that are enjoyable and most importantly get the results.

Now Primal does pride itself on being a results driven gym but as anyone will say ‘the proof is in the pudding’ (but only on cheat day of course!) At the start of every membership, clients are put through a health MOT and consultation. This enables the trainers to record starting ability, identify goals and set targets, which are reviewed every three months. With this being my first visit, I was put to the test. The MOT and consultation was a mixture of questions and exercises which enabled my trainer Darren to work out the best programme for me, it was very interesting to learn my squatting technique needs a little work but my cardio levels are up there.

Primal-Gym-2Wanting to embrace the overall feel of this gym I also took part in a Conditioning class which is designed to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. The 45 minute session consisted of a variety of circuits using both your body weight and gym apparatus, I especially appreciated throwing a few punches at the boxing bag. The class was a challenge but was also gratifying, and with a maximum of 12 members per class there will never be a risk of over-crowding.

Other classes on offer on the busy timetable are Strength, Power, Core and Challenge, the personal trainers also offer one to one or small group sessions. Also coming soon are specialist packages for you to improve in particular areas, the Boxing package complete with own gloves and wraps sounds very exciting.

To experience the whole Primal package I ended my visit with a much needed sports massage. My masseuse (who is also a personal trainer) was Oliver who had a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your muscles and how to work on those niggling aches and pains, and just a warning do not be fooled by his kind and friendly manner… this guy can inflict some serious pain. This was my first ever sports massage and I was thoroughly looking forward to it, I did go in knowing it was going to be tough and boy was it. However do not take this as if it is a bad thing, there is something very satisfying about feeling your muscles being worked on to release the tightness and tension, and don’t worry Oliver assured me he never takes the pain level to anything above an 8! To finish the massage Oliver taught me some stretches that I could do regularly to help with my problem areas. Being able to have a sports massage on sight is a great bonus to any gym, mine was very professionally done, I felt the benefits straight away, and I would highly recommend it.

Primal-Gym-3If weight loss or improving your fitness isn’t enough of an incentive for you to get working out regularly, how about a bit of cash in hand or money off your membership? Primal are very keen to reward you for your results. They have a monthly rewards system where you gain points each time you visit, take part in a class, or have a personal training session. You can earn up to £15.00 back each quarter for achieving your targets. I don’t know about you but I reckon getting paid to workout is not to be sniffed at. As I mentioned at the start Primal is a gym with a personal touch, all aspects are designed to meet your individual needs, the staff show a genuine interest in setting you off on your fitness pathway, and the range of equipment and classes are bound to keep your work outs both beneficial and entertaining.

Whether you are looking to join a new gym, or are simply curious about this new concept, Primal Gym is definitely worth a look in.

Catch me on the monkey bars!

Rachel x

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