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Jordan Fletcher’s Rant and Rave

Rant and Rave
Rant and Rave with Jordan

In February there’s a good chance that your resolutions have been cast aside, you’ve fallen off the wagon with a bang & feel a bit sorry for yourself. Here’s Fletch to cheer you up with his distinctive rant & rave – take it away…


Dry January
What else is there to get you through January besides drinking your own bodyweight in booze? Thank the lord that it’s over – I’m sure I’m not the only fed up with everyone being so boring.

More Liam Neeson action films
So you may have assumed that Taken 3 was Liam Neeson’s action blockbuster swan-song, well I hate to say it but you thought wrong. Run All Night is out in May and sees the veteran actor playing an ageing hit-man, forced out of retirement to rescue his son from a bunch of twisted criminals…sound familiar?

Selfie Sticks
For crying out loud! It’s a monopod! Do we need a new generation of snappers thinking they have re-invented the art of photography.


It Follows
2015 is shaping up to be a big year for cinema, with Bond and Star Wars heading our way. Horror fans on the other hand are looking set to be short changed overall, with a string of pointless sequels to rubbish franchises. It Follows is an exception to the rule, and looks set to turn the teen stalk and slash movie on its head. Watch the trailer and marvel at its 80s tinged soundtrack and old-school vibe – it opens on 27 February.

Super Discount 3
Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk has been massive and there’s hints that 2015 could be the year EDM is trounced by disco and funk– about time too. For a hedonistic slice of French disco with dashes of hip-hop and pop, check out the brilliant Etienne de Crecy’s Super Discount 3.

AMC’s Post Apocalyptic Giant – The Walking Dead (season 5.5) is due to air in February each Monday at 9pm on Fox. The first half of the season ended on a heartbreaking note leaving Rick Grimes having to deal with the tragic loss and pulling the team back together. Tune in for hard punching gross out moments and an epic survival against all odds story line.

Jordan’s rants, raves and views are his own and don’t represent anyone else. No iSheep were harmed in the production of this column.

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