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Rant n Rave – Katie Hopkins gets under Fletch’s skin

Seasoned Ranter, Raver, Traveler and resident Leeds City Magazine Blogger Jordan Fletcher seems to have had his feathers ruffled again this month. Thank you Katie Hopkins.

That’s okay because we think he has now had a shave. Rant away Fletch!


Joey Essex channels Zoolander

You would think that being paid a ridiculous amount of money to stand there and look good would be easy right? Think again. Recently signed to Select Model Management, the eternally useless Joey Essex manages to make Derek Zoolander look dynamic in his decidedly wooden modelling portfolio. Now on to Katie Hopkins!

Katie Hopkins annoying face

Katie Hopkins was definitely dropped on her head as a baby. And then kicked around like a football in the World Cup final. This professional celebrity troll has made a living out of making our lives a complete misery. Surely she’s due a slap with a wet fish sometime soon?

Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins


Mr Nice Burgers

Brought to you by the Get Baked guys, Mr Nice offer a takeaway burger menu so darn good, their Meanwood base is now being haunted by the ghost of Elvis. They also have the best social media output I’ve ever seen, and delight in harassing Cher Lloyd on a regular basis. I can highly recommend the Salamanca, which features chilli cheddar, chorizo and deep fried jalapenos. With a Channel 4 documentary and restaurant coming soon, it’s only a matter of time before Ronald McDonald is made redundant.

World Cup Mania

As a non-football fan, I generally couldn’t care less for the sport (what would Katie Hopkins say Fletch?), however The World Cup is different. It always produces the most memorable summers, because everybody is out on the lash twice as much, and gets into the spirit, despite the fact we have no chance of winning. Aire Bar and other selected watering holes in town will be screening all the matches, check it out from Thursday 12 June.

See you next month! Jordan

Jordan Fletcher
Jordan Fletcher

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